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Philjim Gerald Sebastian

Philjim Gerald Sebastian

Yacht Chef, Private Chef, and Entrepreneur


Chef Philjim Gerald Sebastian is a professional chef with almost 11 years of experience in South East Asian, Western, Mexican, French, and Mediterranean Cuisines. His journey to becoming a chef started in the Philippines, and through his years of experience in different countries like the UAE, Seychelles Island, and parts of Asia like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand, he honed his craft and gained different ranks in the kitchen. Chef Philjim is a graduate of De la Salle College of Saint Benilde (BS-HRIM). To add to all of his experiences, he is also a sole chef in a private sailing yacht traveling from the USA to the Caribbean islands where he is in charge of provisioning, stocking, budgeting, and cooking international cuisine for high-rank and well-known guests.