To enrich people’s lives.

Way of thinking

It's becoming increasingly difficult to choose products and services in the modern world.
With so much untrustworthy information online, this has lead many to be uncertain of what exactly the best choice is for them.

We strive to create a future where people around the world can make the best choices for them while enjoying the process. Our mission is to create a world where truly the best products and services are chosen by those who seek them, and continue to exist.

We believe that the individual strengths of those at mybest can change the lives of 8 billion people around the globe, change the Internet, and accelerate the advancement of society.


We at mybest run a media website with the aim of making “selection” more simple and enjoyable.

We help you to choose things online by introducing only the truly great products to you, based on both thorough tests we carry out ourselves and the opinions of specialists.

Overseas expansion

mybest, which started in Japan, has expanded to 8 more countries and regions across the globe so far:Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, the USA, Vietnam, Brasil, the UK, and the Philippines.



The values we have here at mybest are important for each and every employee, and we believe that acting in accordance with these values is the key to mybest developing into a larger sevice.


mybest is aiming to become a user-based service. For that reason, we believe that making our service with "integrity" towards the user is absolutely necessary.

We aim to go on to make one of the finest services that anyone in the world can use, passionately pursuing a user-first service with no compromises.


For mybest, “cooperation” does not mean sacrificing the individual for the sake of cooperativity, but instead means that everyone collaborates together while pursuing the same goal.

Ahead of us await many difficulties and things that we must accomplish no matter how difficult. But we think that in order to overcome these situations it is necessary to have a team that will cooperate to face all hardships together, bound by a strong relationship of mutual trust.


In order for mybest to develop into a global service, there is also the need for us ourselves to grow. Challenging ourselves and endeavouring with hard work is vital for this self-improvement.

By placing ourselves in a tough environment, always challenging ourselves, and continuing to work hard each and every day, we can all rise and grow. Our value “stoic” represents the stance necessary to fulfill the cycle of challenges and hard work for the sake of improvement.

Company information

Toru Yoshikawa
2F Urbannet Tsukiji Bldg.1, 2-11-13 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045