Bea Policarpio's Top 10 Art Studio Essentials

Bea Policarpio's Top 10 Art Studio Essentials

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Bea Policarpio
  • Vibrant Colored Smooth Cover A5 Size Journal Notebook

    Bea Policarpio

    I start off each day with my journaling practice and a cup of hot coffee. The time I spend quietly writing down my thoughts immensely helps me unblock my creative spirit and keep anxiety at bay. I write at least three pages of stream of consciousness “Morning Pages,” a habit I adopted from Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way. 

    As such, my lined A5 journal is my most intimate and constant companion. I have this simple notebook in a variety of vibrant colors, and its smooth and velvety texture also makes it a fun surface to paint on when the mood strikes!
  • 3"x3" Miniature Canvas & Easel Sets

    Bea Policarpio

    I love to have “art for breakfast” and these miniature canvasses are usually my first bite into the workday! One of the ways I’m able to overcome creative blocks is to consistently practice my craft, even in the smallest of doses. 

    These 3” x 3” square mini canvasses are perfect for drafting my larger client commissions, and because they come with an easel stand as well, they also make for great gifts to friends to display on their work desks! 

    I would recommend these little ones to anyone who’s early into their creative journey and doesn’t want to risk “messing up” on larger canvasses just yet. Plus, once you’ve completed your miniature painting, you’ve also got yourself a small souvenir of your artistic moment!
  • Kruzo
    Aero Classic Crystal Ghost Chair

    Bea Policarpio

    This sleek and transparent ghost chair is one of my favorite Lazada finds and is also one of my proudest additions to my working space! Made with a durable matte-finish molded lightweight plastic with an ergonomically-shaped and curved seat,  this has quickly become my favorite thinking chair for my study desk. 

    Its light-colored wooden legs also easily match the rest of my furniture and add a beautifully contemporary chic feel to my studio. Aside from its obviously gorgeous modern design, my favorite part about it is how light it is, making it easy to carry around when rearranging the room!
  • Rafikimono
    Leisure Pursuit Silver

    Bea Policarpio

    Every proper artist needs a studio uniform that makes them feel their absolute best. This silky Rafikimono is easily my go-to loungewear of choice as I’m in love with its beautifully patterned fabric! 

    Made of the perfect silk-polyester blend, these kimonos are incredibly easy to care for, unlike pure silk. It even comes with a wide belt of the same pattern that you can use as a headwrap or to cinch the waist with. Rafikimonos come in a full-length size, but for petite artists like me, thankfully they come in a shorty size as well which make it perfect for stepping out of the studio too. 

    I’m already a proud owner of two Rafikimonos and these timeless statement pieces are something I’ll likely pass on to my grandchildren. The best part? They have pockets!
  • Sudio
    Tolv Wireless Earphones

    Bea Policarpio

    As I work independently for most of my creative process, listening to music, podcasts, and my favorite films while working keeps me feeling connected to others and the outside world! 

    I’m listening to music for 80% of my day, and these Sudio Tolv wireless earphones allow me to move around my studio effortlesslyーand even other floors of the houseーwhile still enjoying high-quality audio from any of my nearest devices, as it comes with an automatic pairing feature. 

    I love that its battery can last up to 7 hours of listening time, which really gets me through the whole art workday. These handy earphones come in a cute bean-shaped case for keeping when I’m not using them, and it doubles as the charging pod as well. I particularly love that it comes in the color baby pink too!
  • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Palette Knives Set

    Bea Policarpio

    As an abstract painter, my works have become known by my signature style of vibrant strokes applied in thick and rich textures. My painting technique is known as “impasto,” which is created by applying paint directly on the canvas using palette knives. 

    For this, I rely heavily on my palette knives to create this delicate balance of textures and depth in each artwork. These are my main tools in my craft, and because they’re made of stainless steel they’re also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

    I love this 5-piece set as they come in various shapes to play with and are comfortable to hold for long periods, too, thanks to the lightweight wooden handles.
  • Sakura
    Acrylic Paint Tubes

    Bea Policarpio

    I’ve been using Sakura Acrylic Paint for as long as I can remember. They’re my favorite brand for my artwork as they come in a large variety of vibrant colors ranging from primary, secondary, and even near-neon colors.

    They dry relatively quickly as opposed to oil paints and have a great body too. Depending on your need, they also come in translucent and opaque colors, which provide great flexibility for when you’re still experimenting with your particular painting style. You can mix them together with white to create gentle pastel colors or apply them as is for a beautiful bright look.
  • Bea Policarpio
    "Metamorphosis" Artdrop Limited Canvas Print

    Bea Policarpio

    I’ve teamed up with local Filipino artists community Artdrop to release a line of limited edition canvas prints! Artdrop offers exclusive, high-quality art prints by Filipino artists, which are available in various sizes. 

    This makes them the perfect partner for decorating your apartment walls or even corporate office spaces, which require a high volume of identical prints. 

    Having canvas prints out in the market also allows me to reproduce some of my favorite works, the originals of which have already long gone to private buyers. I’m very proud to be part of this community, which has also recently branched out to accommodate international shipping!
  • CRAY
    HYPERDOT Lip and Cheek Tint

    Bea Policarpio

    Last year, I also had the opportunity to launch CRAY Cosmetics on Lazada as their guest creative director for their very first product line—the HYPERDOT multi-use color tints! 

    We’re incredibly proud of this long-wearing, highly-pigmented formula, which is perfect for a buildable makeup look when you need some color on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. It’s my holy grail because of its moisturizing yet semi-matte and lightweight finish. It also comes beautifully housed in a modern crystal acrylic tube with a doe-foot wand applicator. 

    My favorite shade is Lowkey, a playful coral shade that lends me a natural flush for looking presentable in all my last minute Zoom meetings & yoga classes!
  • Rory and Sloan
    Croft Bag

    Bea Policarpio

    My Croft bag carries all my essentials when I step out of the studio for errands. Despite its deceptively compact look, it’s actually very roomy and effortlessly houses my phone, wallet, makeup kit, mirrorless camera, and more! 

    Made by my dear friends at Rory & Sloan, this proudly local brand has been able to design this delicately handcrafted slow fashion handbag made out of vegan leather for the busy, modern Filipina. 

    I like to wear my Croft as a cross-body bag, but thanks to its adjustable strap, you can also style it as a shoulder bag or carry it by its top handle. I love that it comes in my favorite color, too—the Mulberry is a subtle berry shade that complements most of my outfits, whether I’m wearing neutrals or vibrant prints that day!