Gab Pangilinan's Picks for Local Products That Encourage Self-Love

Gab Pangilinan's Picks for Local Products That Encourage Self-Love

With everything happening around us, it's normal for us to be stressed and anxious. I have had moments where I was too hard on myself, and it definitely affected my overall mental state and well-being. 

This pandemic has definitely taken a toll on all of us, and to be honest, it takes so much more effort for me to stay on track and to practice self-love. 

I constantly remind myself how important it is, and I've curated this list of local products that have contributed to both my peace and sanity this past year. If you happen to purchase any of these, I sure hope they bring you the same calm that they did me.

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Gab Pangilinan
Theater Actress
  • Lily Jewelry's
    Una Santan Necklace in Ivory

    Gab Pangilinan

    I was the kind of kid that loved playing outside, picking Santan flowers out from the garden, and sipping its juice. I know a lot of Filipino kids in the '90s did the same. Lily created their Lily Artisan Santan Jewelry (it comes in red too!) precisely because of that common childhood memory. 

    A mother-of-pearl pendant on a gold-plated stainless steel chain, it is elegant as much as it is nostalgic. These pieces make my heart smile. Jewelry that speaksーthat's how Lily describes their pieces, and this one definitely spoke to me. 
  • Kil Camalongay
    In Limbo

    Gab Pangilinan

    When the pandemic hit, I needed to create a space for myself where I could productively work from home. It hasn't been easy, but I'd make constant adjustments that I feel would improve my space. 

    As I was browsing through Artdrop, an online community of Filipino artists that offer canvas prints and, now, postcards, I stumbled upon "In Limbo." 

    It perfectly encapsulated my current state of mind, but at the same time, it didn't make me feel lonely or sad. On the contrary, I was drawn to it instantly. It's also a huge factor for me that Artdrop advocates supporting Filipino artists.
  • Issy & Co.
    Active Skin Tint

    Gab Pangilinan

    A part of their Skin on the Go collection, this product combines skincare and makeup in a tube! It's definitely one less thing to think about. 

    I don't go out of my home but I do have the usual Zoom meetings and online livestreams. To make myself more presentable quickly, I skip the heavy stuff, wear the Active Skin Tint and lip-cheek tint and I'm good to go. 

    Not to mention, Issy and Co. is a beauty brand that's proudly Filipino, dermatologist-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and very affordable. Beauty made #Issy, indeed.
  • Marikit MNL Candle Co.

    Gab Pangilinan

    I first discovered my love for dried flowers and how it instantly brings life to space, when I found it in my burning candles from Marikit MNL Candle Co. All of their candles smell so good and it's the kind of scent that lasts a long time. 

    Makiling or Citronella is my favorite of theirs. It veers away mosquitoes (no to anything that causes disease!), looks so beautiful, and just smells heavenly! Their carefully designed, eco-friendly packaging is also something I love about themーit makes me want to send a box to all of my friends just to share the love! 
  • Knotkins
    Sola Crocheted Coasters

    Gab Pangilinan

    These coasters are perfect for pretty much anything in your home- coffee mugs, candles, and plants! I needed at least one in every room because of how it instantly lights up the room, and personally, they're just so nice to look at. 

    They come in the most beautiful colors and packaged with love. Knotkins products are handcrafted by a one-woman team, theater artist, and aerial dancer, Peachy Guevara. She sells scrunchies, as well!
  • Lubid Project
    Lubid Hammock

    Gab Pangilinan

    In 2020, I became a cat mom (his name is Hiro) and yes, I'm one of those fur moms that like to pamper and spoil their babies. One of the pieces I bought for Hiro is this macrame hammock, with a size and design that's a perfect fit for him.

    Macrame is something decorative that makes me so happy. There's just something about it that makes the space that it is in feel so much cozier and homier. Handcrafted pieces that are obviously made with care and love really affect me intrinsically and it's a big bonus that my cat actually loves it.
  • Chili Chili Power!
    Flat Tops Cookies

    Gab Pangilinan

    Christmas family time wouldn't be complete without me and my cousins baking fresh batches of chocolate chip cookies and fighting over them (of course!) afterward. 

    It was my joy to find something so close to home, and there's nothing like a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies with a twist of a local childhood favoriteー Flat Tops!

    Chili Chili Power! is powered by another one-woman team. Theater actress and choreographer, Mica Fajardo, pours her love into all these home-cooked foods. These cookies are for those who want to indulge a little bitー I don't really have a sweet tooth, so I do like my cookies with the perfect balance of sugar and salt. Homemade, affordable, and the perfect nostalgic treat!
  • Happy Coco PH
    Coconut Cream Pie

    Gab Pangilinan

    If you wish to find "home" in a pie, you would find it in Happy Coco PH's Coconut Cream Pie. Of all the things I tasted in 2020, this pie brought me the most joy. 

    It isn't your typical buko pie but it brings just as much comfort, if not more. They come with cornflakes to top it with, which gives every bite a crunch you didn't know you needed. 

    And the taste! It's light, refreshing and leaves you wanting more. Which reminds me, I should order another one immediately! Buying yourself that coconut cream pie would be self-love, at its finest.
  • Pablo Plants PH
    Trailing Pothos

    Gab Pangilinan

    Another thing this pandemic turned me into is a plant mom, and relatively, I'm fairly new. My first ever plant was a pothos because not only is it beautiful, it's very easy to care for. 

    PabloPlantsPH is a small local plant business also born during this pandemic by a theater actor-photographer, Paw Castillo. A lot of the plants being sold are for starter plant parents, which is why I love shopping with them.

    Each plant sold is carefully packaged with paper-based bubble wrap, and he also sells pots that he paints himself. He's also very hands-on in answering when it comes to this new plant mom's questions, and I love that about local businesses that are passionate about their products.
  • Where to Next
    The In-Betweens - WTN Planner

    Gab Pangilinan

    I've been journaling since I was very young, and I used to religiously collect stickers for that particular planner and only made the shift when Where to Next came up with their own journals. 

    I was never one to be eloquent but writing down all my thoughts always seemed to help ground me. I love how WTN encourages travel, adventure, and storytelling in the planners they produce. Not to mention, their journals come with stickers and postcards! 

    Though times are different now and we cannot travel, I still find comfort in the art and photography of young Filipinos like me within the journal pages that I write in.