Ange Yao's Top 10 Newborn Essentials

Ange Yao's Top 10 Newborn Essentials

I won't call myself a parenting expert, but if they say that experience is the best teacher, it would be safe to say that I will be on the honor roll. As a mom of three, I have tried and tested tons and tons of products. I've gone through several brands before I can finally say, "I have found the one." 

For this article, I won't be boring you with the "BASIC" essentials since you probably know those already. Instead, expect this article to be your no-nonsense guide in making your parenting life easier, especially if this is your first time being a parent. Welcome to the cool hood!

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  • Tiny Twinkle
    Swaddle Blanket 3-Pack

    Ange Yao

    This product tops my list because you will be using this A LOT! And seasoned parents will agree with me that multi-use products are busy parents' bestfriends. 

    You can use this every single day, and more than just a blanket or swaddle, this can also be used as a cover for surfaces where you will put your newborn, a bedsheet, a makeshift pillow, a stroller cover, and as a nursing cover. And now that my kids are bigger, we sometimes use this as a hammock or tent for playtime!

    I particularly chose this brand because, unlike other brands, this is made of Kaffle fabric, which is amazingly gentle for baby's skin. It is made of 50% cotton and 50% rayon, so it is breathable and lightweight, perfect for our weather! 
  • Urban Mom
    Nursing Cover

    Ange Yao

    Nursing covers, for me, are not limited to breastfeeding use. For example, even before the pandemic hit us, I wasn't really comfortable in exposing my newborn to the hospital environment, so I used this nursing cover as a "shield" for my baby. 

    This apron-style nursing cover is perfect since the neckline is slightly structured with a U-shape. This allows for ventilation and also for moms to have a view or peak of their babies.
  • Oribel
    Cocoon High Chair

    Ange Yao

    I am a fan of products that grow with my kids. The Oribel Cocoon is exceptionally a must in my item list since I know I can use this the moment I bring my child home up to when she starts to eat solids. 

    Newborns sleep a lot, especially in the afternoon since they don't have the concept of day and night yet, and as a mom of three, I don't have enough strength and hands to carry an infant while one of them sleeps and tend to my two older boys. 

    This high chair has helped me go through the most trying times of being a mom of 3. It's a shame that I only get to use this for my youngest since it's relatively new in the Philippines.
  • Medela
    SoftCup Feeder

    Ange Yao

    One of the most common issues moms, whether new or seasoned, encounter is how to properly feed a newborn. Babies have their own preferences when it comes to feeding. Some prefer direct feeding or latching to their mommies, while other babies have a hard time doing so.

    For those who find breastfeeding quite challenging, this Medela Soft Cup will be a lifesaver since it's a great alternative to cup feeding.

    It can be easily controlled when feeding the baby and it doesn't develop nipple confusion in babies. Its spoon-shaped mouthpiece is soft, so it allows for gentle cup feeding. It also has markers so you know how much milk your baby is consuming.
  • Halo
    Sleepsack Swaddle - Stardust

    Ange Yao

    I never learned the proper way of swaddling. As a new parent, there are tons of things to learn and to be stressed aboutー why is my baby crying? Isn't she getting enough milk? Is it too hot or too cold? Is her nappy wet? So as a new mom, I really appreciated products that will make my life easier. 

    I particularly loved this brand not just because of the adorable prints or the fact that it made my newborn look like a cute burrito. This was so convenient to use! Also, since your baby won't be able to remove the swaddle, the risk of SIDS is significantly reduced.

    This can be used by bigger babies, too; after a while, your baby will be able to see her hands, so he or she will be curious about it and will be a lot stronger to remove their hands from swaddling. By that time, you can just wrap the velcro wrap around their tummy for extra protection from the cold.
  • Babygoal
    Glass Nail File

    Ange Yao

    Are you one of those parents who dread the day that your baby will learn how to remove their mittens on their own because you're too scared to cut those soft yet pointy nails? I know I am! 

    When I was a first-time mom, our pedia was very specific and instructed me, "do not cut your baby's nails. Let it be and just make sure he is wearing mittens". And of course, the stubborn me did not listen, so I used a baby nail cutter and the horror! I accidentally cut my newborn's skin, and it wouldn't stop bleeding! 

    And since then, I got traumatized that I used to bite their nails to shorten their nailsーunhygienic, I know! Then I discovered this glass nail file, and thank heavens for it because it has been a lifesaver! I even use it now even if my kids are bigger because cutting their nails alone is not enough since it still leaves those little nails sharp. I even use it for myself. 

    The only downside for this product is, of course, you have to be careful when handling it because it's made of glass and it's too small to just throw in the baby bag.
  • Baby Delight
    Snuggle Nest - Adventure

    Ange Yao

    This bassinet will create a protective space for your baby. Co-sleeping is the number 1 concern for every new parent. And this will give your baby his or her own space in the adult bed. 

    My family is always on the go; we go to my parents' and in-laws' almost every day, and Snuggle Nest has brought me comfort and the peace of mind that my baby is protected in his or her own space. 

    One feature that I like most about this product is each and every part of it is removable, so it is easy to clean and wash. I actually call our Snuggle Nest " The Sisterhood of Travelling Nest" because I have shared ours with almost all my new mommy friends since I really believe that this is a must-have!
  • Tiny Buds
    Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Changing Spray

    Ange Yao

    Don't get me wrong, of course, washing with water and gentle baby soap is still the best when cleaning up your baby after they finish doing their business. But of course, as a new parent, you wouldn't have all the energy you used to have, especially at night; and trust me, your child will do his/her business more than 10x a day!

    For me, this spray for diaper changes is the next best thing. All you have to do is spray this directly on those cute smelly bums and clean off with your trusty wipes. That's it! Easy right? 

    What I particularly like about the Tiny Buds Spray is that it is so convenient to use, and the bottle comes with a cover that makes it really hygienic. What's more is, the formula contains no paraben, SLS, and alcohol, so it's guaranteed safe for babies!
  • Tiny Twinkle
    Roundabout Bib

    Ange Yao

    Neck rash or skin irritation is common with newborns. It may come from many factors, but one of the biggest factors I have encountered are drool and spit-up rash. That is why these roundabout bibs come in very handy for my baby and me!

    These are very absorbent and are made of silky-soft Kaffle weave fabric, which becomes softer after every wash, so it is perfect for baby's sensitive skin. It also has a no-snag hook and loop that won’t harm baby's skin. Just make sure that you remove the bib after every feeding to avoid accidents such as choking or strangling.
  • Knicknacks Waterproof Pad
    Waterproof Pad

    Ange Yao

    Milk spit-ups, leaking breasts, diaper leaks are just a few of the problems you will be encountering for the next couple of years. Trust me, you will be changing your sheets as often as you will be changing your baby's nappies during the first few months!

    This waterproof and anti-skid pad is a true lifesaver since we know how expensive it is to have mattresses professionally cleaned! A good mattress protector will keep your mattresses clean and fresh for a very long time. Another thing that I like about this is there are various sizes available, plus there are different fun prints you can choose from.

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