GLOCO's Top 10 All-Time-Favorite PS4 Games

GLOCO's Top 10 All-Time-Favorite PS4 Games

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  • God of War


    Probably one of the best games of the new generation, God of War is a direct sequel to the previous God of War series that follows Kratos' story after he utterly destroyed the whole Greek Pantheon. He now somehow ended up in Midgar, the home of Norse mythology. 

    The story involves an Older Kratos who now has to take care of his son Atreus. The game is as action-packed as the previous installments, however, the story is less "kill everything that moves and rip the gods apart", and is more, "I need to protect my home and my son from a weirdo". It basically went from "God of War", to "Dad of War". 

    The game also has set a new standard in-game direction with all the scenes smoothly transitioning from gameplay to cutscene, and back, with no loading screens or cuts, whatsoever in-between. The opponents and especially the Valkyrie Boss fights leave players with a decent thrill of combat and the classic Quick Time Events (QTE) are there to stay. 

    The usual puzzles are as creative as ever and you'll also enjoy the natural conversations or dialogues the characters have as they explore Midgar and the other realms of Norse Mythology. This is why it deserved 2018's Game of the Year. I honestly think it can still hold its own vs the newer games of recent years!
  • Square Enix
    Nier: Automata - Game of the Yorha Edition


    Aesthetic Female Androids? Check! Aesthetic Scenery? Check! Beautiful avant-garde soundtracks? Check! Super Fast-paced hack-n-slash action, bullet hell, a convoluted and interesting as heck storyline that spans decades of lore? Check, check, and check! 

    Nier Automata is probably one of the nicest games out there, beloved by so many. It has all the ingredients of an archaic fantasy game that you won't find in any other titles. Knowing just how eccentric the game director, Yoko Taro is, you can definitely feel his essence in everything in the game. 

    I think most casual gamers won't enjoy this game because of the premise and its over-all style of gameplay, but the few who do enjoy Nier Automata absolutely adore every little thing about it. 

    To be honest, the first thing that caught my attention was how beautiful the character designs were. I tried the game just so I can adore 2B. But what I got was more than that, so if you like most of the things in the checklist, then Nier Automata is worth a try!
  • Atlus
    Persona 5


    Persona 5 is a beloved JRPG that deals with teen angst and the corruption of the adult world. The story revolves around a person who is wrongfully accused of a crime committed by a powerful politician. He acquires a mysterious power that allows him to control powerful entities and traverse into the alter subconsciousness of corrupted people. 

    One unique feature is that the game progresses through actual dates of the month and you have one year of in-game time to finish the whole game. It's up to you how you'll spend each day of the year, but there are also deadlines and special events that can only happen on certain dates. It challenges players to optimize their schedules and time management skills. 

    As for the combat, it makes use of the typical turn-based action, however, unlike other JRPGS where everything's just a straightforward attack and gets the enemy to zero HP, Persona 5 actually has other gimmicks such as negotiating with enemies, holding them-up to threaten them, and even convincing them to join your team. 

    Amidst the doom and gloom of the main story-line, players will also get to enjoy being a normal Japanese highschooler who goes on dates, plays arcades, fishing, doing part-time jobs, and many more. My favorite thing in the game is the funky music! I play it whenever I drive or just chill in the houseーit's nearly impossible not to bop to its amazing OST.
  • Square Enix
    Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition All


    Everyone knows what Final Fantasy isーits reputation precedes it. Final Fantasy 15, however, is a step to a different style from its predecessors. While the previous Final Fantasies were popular for their turn-based JRPG style, FF15 went with the hack-and-slash action style. 

    Some Final Fantasy fans weren't really keen on the new fast-paced action, but for people like me who loved it, it was one hell of a ride! The game revolves around driving with your buddies to see the world while uncovering mysteries and mysterious pasts. Along the way, you'll slay monsters, cook delicious Instagrammable food, take pictures, go camping, and my favorite, fishing. 

    As an angler, I must applaud just how realistic the fishing mechanics are in FF XV. It's by far the best fishing mini-game in today's generation. It's so good that Square Enix had to make a stand-alone fishing VR game called "Monsters of the Deep." Fishing aside, I really loved the game, and you'll love every character's personality. 

    The open-world and the OST are epic, and there's so much to uncover. So even though it might not be the best Final Fantasy in terms of story, I still think it's an awesome game that people should try.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Standard Edition


    If you're a fan of the "souls" type of games or challenging action games that will truly test your reflexes and finesse in combat, then Sekiro is a game for you. To be honest, I'm not really good with these types of games and I really struggled a lot during the beginning. I died so many times for stupid reasons and it will easily get your blood boiling. 

    However, the beauty of Sekiro is that it really pushes you to learn, and you will feel and see yourself improving along the way. It's not one of those games where you level up your character and it can just beat weaker enemies. Playing Sekiro will level up your own body. The more times you die, the more you get frustrated, and if you're still willing, it will make you want to beat the game more.

    I remember repetitively failing to beat a boss so many times. But with each failure, I came out wiser! I would slowly but surely start memorizing attack patterns, using different techniques, being patient with how to time my attacks and blocks, and as you progress you realize that the game isn't that hard!

    Seriously, after finally defeating a super difficult boss after so many attempts, defeating other enemies got easier. That's not because of the character level up, but it was because your own body and mind did. Sekiro is the most frustrating yet the most fun game you'll ever try. Every achievement is so satisfying because you know for yourself that you accomplished it because of your own will and new-found skills. 
  • Sucker Punch
    Ghost of Tsushima


    Ghost of Tsushima was expected to be the "Assasins Creed of Japan" that people wanted. However, what the players got was totally beyond expectations. We were introduced to a lush, beautiful, but harsh world of Tsushima Island during the Mongolian invasion. 

    You play as Jin Sakai, as he takes on the journey of revenge to take his homeland back from the barbaric invaders. You could be an honorable Samurai or a vengeful ghost devoid of the warrior code. Either way, the players will enjoy a unique immersive open-world experience around the island. Instead of the usual bright artificial screen markers, the game uses the environment to guide players around the island and help them explore mystically. 

    Follow the wind current to your next objective, or follow birds to notable landmarks. Or maybe follow a fox to a hidden shrine. At times you may be cutting up enemies, uncovering new mysteries, writing a haiku beside a scenic spot, or maybe just relaxing in a natural hot spring. Whatever your mood is, Ghost of Tsushima will definitely keep you both on edge and at peace. 

    My favorite feature, though, would be the camera mode that gives players complete freedom in adjusting pretty much everything you can with a professional camera. It's a good way to practice composition and other photography techniques you would use in real life. Ghost of Tsushima is my personal choice for Game of the Year 2020.
  • The Last of Us Remastered


    The Last of Us really set the standard to what a great, cinematic, story-driven action game should be for the next generation. Back in college, I played it on the PS3 and I gotta tell you, this game was so ahead of its time!  

    I can confidently say that the PS3 version can still hold its own compared to recent titles of the same genre. The voice-acting, the story-board, plot, characters, and gameplay mechanics were really incredible and engaging. 

    The only downside was how inconsistent the Enemy AI was at times, but nonetheless, it was still challenging and the game's ambiance would always keep your tension high no matter where you were. 

    I consider TLOU one of the top 10 games of all time regardless of platform. I can't describe this game any further without mentioning spoilers, so please, whenever you have time, pick this masterpiece up. You won't regret it.
  • Rockstar Games
    Red Dead Redemption 2


    Red Dead Redemption 2 is my 1st runner-up for Game of the Year 2018. The game literally feels alive with how much content it has. It's truly one of the best open-world experiences. 

    There is so much attention to detail in the wild with how animals behave, how gunplay is done, how bodies rot, how a beard grows. There are just so many things in RDR 2 that will get players immersed! Not only that, the story, the plot, and the characters are second to none to all the classic cowboy movies people know and love.

    I can confidently say that RDR 2 is one of the best games out there for this generation, and I can assure you that you'll spend countless hours just exploring and uncovering secrets in the wild west.
  • Detroit Become Human


    Detroit Become Human is one of those "butterfly effect" games where the player's choices matter, and depending on how you do, the story will branch out to multiple endings. The game's graphics are near-realistic, and the actors did a pretty good job portraying and voicing the characters. It really felt like I was playing a movie!

    Unlike other butterfly effect games where the important "branching-out" only happens near the end, Detroit Become Human's consequences can come as early as your first choice. You'll be able to see all the possible branches on the menu, and they are a lot! Depending on how you play, you might finish the game with your favorite characters having a good ending...or everyone dead. 

    I recommend Detroit Become Human to pretty much anyone interested in drama or thriller stories, especially to people who are new to video games since this game only involves pressing buttons at the right time and minimal movement. I suggest going through blind gameplay for the first time to maximize the appreciation of the game's direction.
  • Konami
    Metal Gear Solid V


    This is the final installment to the Metal Gear Solid Series and also Hideo Kojima's final work with Konami. I wouldn't recommend this to people who are not familiar with Metal Gear Solid's lore, but if you're looking for a fun and arcade-ish tactical-stealth-action game, then try out MGS V. 

    Gameplay involves a lot of micromanagement and "setting up" to optimize your load-out for your missions. Players may choose a stealthy approach or go full guns-blazing depending on the mission and incentives. There are just so many possibilities to how you can complete a mission, and I think that's the real charm and challenge of playing MGS V. 

    If you truly want more authentic stealth and tactical espionage action, I highly recommend playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater or Subsistence. MGS 3 is where the whole story of MGS starts if we're talking about chronological lore order. The attention to detail and gimmicks with that game still holds its own in this generation despite being 17 years old already.