Slo Lopez' Top 10 Favorite Multi-Use Beauty Finds

Slo Lopez' Top 10 Favorite Multi-Use Beauty Finds

Building a makeup collection or a professional makeup kit can be quite an endeavor, so it's always great to find items that have more than one use or help transform products into things that can multitask. 

The items on this list are a bunch of things that have helped Slo Lopez (@slomakeup) make her collection and kit smaller but able to do more. Some items are tried and true, and others are ones that have really just helped step up Slo's makeup skills because of their versatility.

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Slo Lopez
Makeup Artist
  • Inglot

    Slo Lopez

    I discovered this when Inglot became really big with the beauty community on YouTube around 2011. This is one of my favorite makeup staples to expand a small kit or makeup collection and I use this 90% of the time. With just a few drops of the Duraline, you can customize the consistency of the product you're working with.

    You can mix it with eyeshadow or loose pigment to make a liquid eyeliner or face paint. You can also use it to revive gel liners or cream eyeshadows that have gone stiff or dried out. I've also used it to thin out any silicone-based cream.

    This product is a must-have when you're doing a precise liner or when you want to blend out an eyeliner or cream shadow that has set so you can make it smoky. 
  • KimChi Chic Beauty
    The Most Concealer

    Slo Lopez

    If you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, you can assure that any recommendation of a queen is worth trying. This concealer is formulated and used by Kim Chi, so you know that the quality of this product is exceptional.

    I love the formula of this concealer because it's pigmented and not dry, so I can sheer it out a lot or use it in a very opaque way. It also has a very wide range of skin tones and correctors. 

    I've used the white as a base for eyeshadow, the orange and red shades as blush, and sometimes I even mix a skin tone shade over a darker lip to make a nude color that's customized according to the skin tone I'm working with.
  • Urban Decay
    Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden

    Slo Lopez

    This has been in my kit and makeup collection since 2011, when I started doing freelance makeup in college. I love it because it's not the consistency of a concealer like most primers are today. 

    I have very oily eyelids, and this holds my eyeshadow in place all day! It sets on its own and really stops oil from coming through. I've also used it as a nude liner in the water line to brighten up the eyes.

    It's a light skin tone shade, so it really makes any eyeshadow you put on pop, and you can make eyeshadows that aren't the most pigmented really perform.
  • The Body Shop
    Oils of Life Twin-Ball Facial Massager

    Slo Lopez

    This is a face roller that has twin steel heads. Compared to its cheaper and generic counterparts made of plastic, it keeps cool and it's a little more weighty, so it helps with lymphatic drainage.

    Furthermore, steel is a durable material so it won't crack, even if it drops or gets shaken around in your kit. It plays well with oils and serums, and it's easy to sanitize, a helpful feature if I have several clients throughout the day. I like to use this roller if the call time is early or if people's eyes look puffy, it really helps sculpt and depuff the face while working in skincare. 

    As for myself, I use this in the morning and/or before bedーgoing from the center and out, following the contours of my face, I roll my undereyes, cheekbones, jaw, as well as my forehead and neck. I even do my hands sometimes when it's been a long day.
  • Kimchi Chic Beauty
    Rainbow Sharts Palette

    Slo Lopez

    I love this palette's format because it has cool, warm, and neutral mattes and shimmers with pops of color. I can do brows, eyes, contour, and blush by mixing the pigments in this palette. 

    I chose to share this one because of the size and affordability of the smooth buttery quality. It's a great example of what a good multi-use palette looks like. Since new palettes are always coming out, I always have to ask myself if it's something that can be used in multiple ways before I confidently buy a new one.
  • Issy & Co.
    Brow Refiner in Ash

    Slo Lopez

    This brow refiner comes with 2 items a brow mascara that thickens up your brows and puts them in place and a castor oil treatment for when you aren't wearing makeup. Castor oil is said to stimulate hair growth, so it's an excellent and natural way to give your brows some love.

    The brow mascara is great because it's thickening and tames your brows and layers so well. I've also used it to make men's facial hair thicker more even from grooming. The teeny wand also really helps in being precise.
  • Nuxe
    Huile Prodigieuse ® Beauty Dry Oil

    Slo Lopez

    I love this because ingredient-wise, it contains no filler oil or a bunch of dimethicone up at the top of the ingredient list so you really are getting a great blend of oils that helps moisturize. To add to that, the scent is also divine!

    I use it on the body for a sheen on the limbs, I also use it to prep dry or more mature skin. I use this with a roller for a quick massage or with my fingers, then tissue off excess. This can also be applied to the dry ends of the hair and or if you want to add shine for a more lustrous-looking locks.
  • SkinPotions
    Glowdust in Sizzle

    Slo Lopez

    I love this powder because it's talc-free and has a really nice sheen that's not glittery. I use it before foundation and after applying foundation, and it surprisingly doesn't get cakey at all! With this, you get the qualities of a more expensive powder for a really good price.

    It's has all the properties for me to use as a primer, which isn't so common in local powders. A must for powders is to be able to be used for touchups without making the skin look tired, and this does that. Also, the tint in the powders is beautifulー not too ashy nor too pink!
  • 15-Piece Nail Art Brush Set

    Slo Lopez

    Whenever I get asked about improving eyeliner skills, I always tell people to get a nail art brush set. They usually don't have a brand but are available in so many places. They come in sets of 15 and have a lot of different shapes and sizes of detail brushes. 

    Playing around with a set helps you figure out the best brush shape and size that you prefer for your eyes. They also come in handy for lips and spot concealing, so it's a really good way to get a lot of tools for your collection at once.
  • Colourette

    Slo Lopez

    This is an oil-based tint, and I love it because I can really play with the formula a lot. They stain and set a bit, so even if it's oil-based, it works so well in humid environments. 

    I also like that it doesn't break up the product underneath it. I've used it to tint concealers and make a lip color or a cream blush. The consistency is so thin, so I've also used them through an airbrush.

    I love the shade Jordyn as a bronzer and contour on certain skin tones. For a natural flush, I love Ondrei and Emma on the lips, cheeks, and even on the eyelids,