Jay Wee's Top 10 Favorite Hair Care and Styling Products

Jay Wee's Top 10 Favorite Hair Care and Styling Products

For someone who always takes care and styles hair, Jay Wee (@jayweehair) is always on the lookout for the best hair products in the market. Until recently, there wasn't really any variety of options to choose from when it comes to hair styling products in the Philippines. Thanks to the advent of online shopping, Jay discovered hidden gems from local businesses in the metro to the busy salons in Seoul! 

He loves to share these finds because he believes that everyone deserves to have great hair that perfectly fits their makeup and outfit! Jay's goal is to look for products that won't intimidate newbies in taking care of their manes since everyone finds it so tedious to fix their hairーsome can't even be bothered to put any heat protection before blowdrying! Jay hopes that his curated list will be helpful to anyone who wants to start a hair care routine or give their locks a glow-up before that Zoom meeting!

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Jay Wee
Celebrity Hairstylist
  • Beach Born
    Classy Not Brassy Shampoo and Conditioner

    Jay Wee

    Don't you hate it when your perfectly bleached hair starts to turn into a copper tone? One common mistake is that you use ordinary shampoo to wash your blonde hair. This shampoo and conditioner bundle is perfect for maintaining that platinum shade without spending too much.

    I was thinking of going blonde again this year, and I know from experience that my hair starts to get that orange or brassy tone after a week. So I searched far and wide online to see what the best purple shampoo is in the market. Of course, some of the most famous brands came first, then lo and behold, I came across BeachBorn's Classy Not Brassy Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. 

    I admit the name was catchy, but more than that, what piqued my interest is that it is locally handmade and infused with lavender essential oil. Plus, in the spirit of hair care for color processed hair, this product is also sulfate-free and paraben-free! The best part, it costs half the price of other brands. Need I say more?
  • Human Nature
    Rosemary Oil

    Jay Wee

    I've noticed that more products addressing thinning hair have emerged in the market, and for a guy like myself, I am most prone to receding hairline or, worse, baldness! I looked into so many products, and it has become overwhelming, so I decided to go back to the basics. 

    I discovered that rosemary oil is not only good for the nail and skin, but it is also a mane booster. You can add this to your evening hair care routine, best to apply when hair is damp for better absorption. 

    You can put 2-3 drops of the essential oil in your fingertips or directly on the scalp and massage all through your head or any affected area. Human Nature is also a local brand and is certainly more affordable than many other brands that promise the same results!
  • Toppik
    Hair Building Fibers

    Jay Wee

    In the topic of thinning hair and hair loss, I've encountered several clients who have had this dilemma for so long, and sometimes you just need an immediate solution, especially for events. 

    I've tried several root cover-ups, and Toppik, for me, has been the product that consistently does an amazing job. Both men and women can use it, and it blends seamlessly that it looks like the natural strands of your hair! It comes with an applicator nozzle and a hairline comb, making it easy for anyone to apply on oneself. 

    It doesn't come off easily once set with hairspray and can last a long time. Just make sure to wash your hair thoroughly before going to bed if you don't want to wake up to your pillow with a black stain!
  • L'Oreal
    Mythic Oil for Dry Hair and Intense Nourishment

    Jay Wee

    A time-tested product, I've been using this since I've become a hairstylist, and it never leaves my list of highly-recommended products. I love a luxurious-looking hairstyle, even if it's just straightened. And with this, you won't need to pile on several products to achieve gorgeous and shiny locks.

    What's amazing about the Mythic Oil is that it suits any hair type. Don't be fooled by its oil properties because it will not leave your hair feeling greasy. It's a product that can serve as a primer and a heat protectantーnow, that's getting two products for the price of one! 

    Simply apply about 2-3 pumps on damp hair before blowdrying and styling, or you use it to finish off a hairstyle to give it a lustrous shine. 
  • Not Your Mother's
    Beat The Heat Shield Spray

    Jay Wee

    As more clients get conscious of the things stylists put in their hair, I make sure that the products I use are effective and are made from proven safe ingredients. 

    I've been an advocate of heat protectants that, of course, not only shield the hair from heat but are also effective in conditioning and are made from natural ingredients. Not Your Mother's has a line of amazing hairstyling products that does a great job without breaking the bank! 

    It is made with natural ingredients like sunflower, vitamins A, and E. Make sure to spray evenly on damp hair, comb through for better distribution from the roots to the ends of the hair before blowdrying and styling.
  • Aveda
    Phomollient™ Styling Foam

    Jay Wee

    I'm all for saving the environment whilst looking fresh and fly, and Aveda has been one of the brands that make top-of-the-line products that let me do that. I've been a fan of Aveda for the past few years, and this mousse is my top pick!

    I've stopped using the old styling mousse from the local drugstore because it leaves the hair sticky, and it weighs down any hairstyle. Enter Phomollient™ Styling Foam, and it has completely changed my mind! It is a weightless foam that gives an amazing volume and adds shine to your hair.

    The best part is, since it is made with organic ingredients and no silicone properties, it won't create buildup on the scalp and hair. To use, simply dispense 3-5 pumps on the palm and apply throughout the hair, from roots to ends, before blowdrying and styling. 
  • Refine Signature Finishing Spray
    Kristin Ess

    Jay Wee

    Whenever a makeup artist or a hairstylist formulates their own products and creates a line, I trust them to know what professionals want and what the consumers need. Celebrity hairstylist and beauty maven Kristin Ess' haircare line is modern and luxurious at its core that promises to give your hair that million-dollar treatment.

    I've been a fan of Kristin Ess for a long time with her modern, perfectly imperfect hairstyling aesthetics, and her line of hairstyling products delivers just that. This hairspray gives off that long-lasting soft textured finish, yet it doesn't feel heavy at all or looking like it weighs down the hairstyle.

    Spray a foot away to ensure even distribution to your hairstyle. You can also spray some on your fingers and rake through your waves for that piece-y textured result. Perfect for that modern, effortless look!
  • My Amazing
    Quick Dry Shake 'N Spray

    Jay Wee

    I do live tv shows, commercials, and sometimes I get booked for two jobs in a day! That's why time is essential to me, and it shouldn't be wasted with just drying a client's hair. When I discovered this product, I thought it could simply be a gimmick, but I was proved wrong! 

    I get half the time I usually take to dry the hair, which gives me more time to style, set, and finish the hairstyle in less than an hour. In addition, it also controls frizz and creates shine. Spray throughout from mid to ends of hair and blowdry. 

    Imagine for a wash' n wear kind of girl, this gives her ample time to prepare, leave the house, pick up a fresh Starbucks coffee, and arrive to work with hair looking perfect!
  • Creightons
    Curl Co Shampoo

    Jay Wee

    A lot of Filipinos are embracing their natural hair textures, but there are only a few product options in the market catering to this hair type. When I decided to get a perm, I knew I needed a product that will address the needs of a wave, curl, or a coilーotherwise, it will be a mess! 

    Good thing I came across this product at a local beauty store, and it's the only brand that has a line of shampoos, conditioners, and creams for curly hair. It's everything you need to wash, condition and prep before you plop those curls ready to be diffused into perfection. 

    What I love most about The Curl Company is that they are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and their products are infused with natural extracts, so you can be sure that it is nothing but good for your hair.
  • Beach Hut
    Hair and Scalp Clear Spray Sunblock

    Jay Wee

    We all know that it feels likes summer most of the time here in the Philippines. While we prioritize taking care of our face and body with sunscreen, we forget that our hair and scalp need sun protection, too!

    I personally love going to the beach or pool, but besides that, my work also requires me to be outdoors for location shoots, and that is a lot of sun exposure. The Beach Hut Hair and Scalp Clear Spray Sunblock is something I never forget to bring and apply. It's very handy, so it's always present in my bag and retouch kit.

    This product protects my hair and scalp from sun exposure and or chlorine present in swimming pools. It also moisturizes, keeps hair soft, and keeps your scalp from becoming smelly because of perspiration. All you have to do is generously spray on hair and scalp and reapply as needed. Perfect for kids and adults!