Marlann Flores' Top 10 Makeup Picks for Beginners

Marlann Flores' Top 10 Makeup Picks for Beginners

Makeup is one of the most interesting things or tools that anyone could have in his or her grooming stash. Many would agree that makeup brings out one's confidence, or power even! But with the many makeup products in different categories launching every now and then, selecting one, especially for beginners, could be quite overwhelming.

As someone who has experience doing her own makeup and others' makeup on and off cam, we invited Marlann Flores (@marlannflores) to share some of her makeup product recommendations and tips for beginners. 

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Marlann Flores
Professional Makeup Artist, Livestreamer
  • Maybelline
    Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

    Marlann Flores

    Primer is a very important step of my makeup routine because I have oily, textured, and acne-prone skin. I need to create a clean canvas and create an extra layer of protection before putting any cosmetic product onto my face. 

    Primers smoothen the texture of our skin and allow the makeup to last longer. The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Gel Primer is good for beginners because it is affordable and gets the job done! 

    After the last step of your skincare routine, just squeeze out the primer on the back of your hand, then mix it with your finger to warm up the product, and then dab it all over the face. Once the primer is absorbed, you may now apply the foundation.
  • L'Oreal
    Infallible Matte Cover Foundation

    Marlann Flores

    This is a very reliable and easy to blend foundation. Most of the full coverage foundations tend to be cakey and/or rub off throughout the day, especially in countries with humid weather, such as the Philippines. This is why I recommend this product for beginners. 

    Aside from it being very easy to use and blend, it is also a 24-hour long-wear foundation with better resistance to heat and humidity. No need for retouches, plus it has a matte finish that's perfect for oily skin. Beginners should start with foundations that are affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. 

    After applying primer onto my face, I get a flat foundation brush or damp sponge. I put a pea-size amount of product on the back of my hand, and then I start applying the foundation in a dabbing motion onto my face. I start at the center of my face and blend the product out, making sure it goes all the way to the edge of my face. Remember that foundation is not used to cover up blemishes but to even out your skin tone.
  • Make Up For Ever
    Ultra HD Concealer

    Marlann Flores

    One of my biggest pet peeves with concealers is when it creases, ultimately ruining your makeup. But with this concealer from Make Up For Ever, no creasing is guaranteed! I love it because it's self-setting, meaning it creates a natural and flawless finish that does not require a setting spray to prevent creasing. 

    It's very easy to use even for beginners because it is lightweight, and has a buildable medium coverage that's enough to cover dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections. It's also non-comedogenic, making it perfect for those with acne-prone skin. 

    I like to put a dot of concealer underneath the tear duct, two dots underneath my lower lash line and on the edge of my lower lash line. Then, I use a damp sponge or a concealer brush to blend and buff it out. Remember to always blend the concealer around the edges, so that there's no obvious change in tone between your skin and the concealer.
  • Coty
    Airspun Loose Powder

    Marlann Flores

    A lot of beauty gurus have been recommending this, so I decided to give it a try and immediately fell in love with it! This is actually the first translucent powder that I've ever purchased, and until this day, and I am still all for using it, whether it be for everyday makeup or for events and photoshoots.

    What makes this product great, aside from its affordability, is its formulation. It blends seamlessly with other powder products, and it leaves no white cast as long you blend it properly. It also looks really good even under studio lighting, translating to flawless looks in photos. 

    After applying all the wet products, I use this setting powder so that the makeup stays in place throughout the day. Remember when using it, you don't need to go overboard with the powderーjust a few soft pats all over should be enough to give you a natural look without any caking.
  • Max Factor
    Facefinity Foundation Compact

    Marlann Flores

    This powder foundation is my go-to product for days that I don't feel like using a liquid foundation. It is lightweight, yet it provides medium coverage that can hide all my acne scars and blemishes plus, it has SPF 20 for added skin protection. It is also great for those with oily skin because it has a long-lasting matte finish.

    I recommend using this on days that you don't really feel like having that "made up" look or for putting makeup in a jiffy! This is also a great product to add to your kikay kit for doing quick touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Bnefit
    Hoola Matte Bronzer

    Marlann Flores

    Many people have mistaken that bronze and contour are one and the same thing, but bronzers are meant to give warmth to the face while putting on contour is to give depth and shadows to the face. Consequently, the shades for these two products are different as well. 

    This bronzer's shade isn't that warm or too "orange," so it's also the perfect product to use as a contour powder as well. With just the right warmth and grey-ish hue, it doesn't look muddy on the face, and it allows me to sculpt and balance out the face shape. It also gives your face a little bit of color, so you can look younger and healthier. 

    I like that it is very pigmented yet blendable. It is also buildable, so it's easy to control how much product you want to pack on. A tip when contouring is to note where the shadows fall naturally on your face. Everyone's face is different. Step into a well-lit room with a mirror, and take note of where the shadows fall naturally on your faceーthese are the areas that you will be applying the contour. 
  • Perfect Diary
    Dual-Ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pen

    Marlann Flores

    I love this eyebrow pen! One of the techniques that I really tried to perfect is the eyebrows. This is very vital to learn and master, especially when you're a beginner. The eyebrow dictates the whole aura of your face. If it's too thick, you can look angry. If it looks droopy, you can look sad. The eyebrows also help balance face shape. 

    I recommend this product because it's so easy to use. It has great pigment, it's very blendable and buildable. There's also a spoolie at the other end of the pen.  If you want to create the perfect eyebrow, this product is definitely a must-have! 

    For eyebrows on fleek, you first have to determine the best eyebrow shape for your face. Check the shape of your face to help you determine the best eyebrow shape for your features. If you have a round face, a sharp, high angle will open your eyes and elongate and balance the face.
  • Maybelline
    Hypercurl Mascara

    Marlann Flores

    Maybelline has been one of my go-to brands because of its quality and reasonable cost. This mascara is no exception to that! I've been using this since highschool, and I highly recommend it because of its reliabilityーit's waterproof and smudge-proof, making it long-wearing.

    I like that the formula isn't too waxy nor too thick. It evenly coats my lashes and clings to them no matter how much I sweat. It's pretty much everything you could want in a formula! I dare say it's even better than some high-end mascaras.

    When I apply it, I start at the roots with a wiggling motion then pulling it upward. The wiggling motion ensures that there is more volume at the roots, and your lashes don’t feel weighed down. Repeat the mascara application until you achieve your derived volume and/or length.
  • Maybelline
    Line Tattoo Impact Pen

    Marlann Flores

    Liquid eyeliner is a no-brainer make-up must-have for me since I'm a huge fan of putting on winged eyeliner. That is especially easy to achieve with this Line Tattoo Impact Pen! 

    Even beginners will find this easy to use because it has a precise tip and a pigmented color. In addition, it's waterproof, smudge-proof, sweatproof, and it can last up to 24 hours! It's comfortable to wear and doesn't feel heavy on the eyelids at all. It's perfect for both everyday use and glam looks as well.
  • Urban Decay
    All Nighter Setting Spray

    Marlann Flores

    After all the effort we put into applying makeup, we naturally want our makeup to stay the way it is and make it last longer. This is where a good setting spray will come in handy! Also, since I have oily skin, spritzing this helps my makeup to stay in place and not rub off throughout the day.

    The setting spray sets and extends the wear of makeup and features temperature control technology that works by lowering your makeup's temperature to keep it in place, even in hot and humid conditionsーperfect for Filipinas indeed! 

    This setting spray gives a light mist that doesn't leave you feeling like something is sitting on top of the skin. It also absorbs and dries quickly. It is by far the best setting spray I have used, and I haven’t looked back since I started using it!  At the end of my makeup routine, I spritz it onto the skin to deliver a soft-focus effect and just-applied finish that lasts all day.

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