Apple's Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Apple's Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Summertime is here, and the kids are definitely looking forward to different activities they can enjoy during their vacation. Although we still have to stay indoors because of the pandemic, it doesn't mean that kids should not be able to enjoy and learn something new. 

We asked Content Creator, Entrepreneur, and Momfluencer, Apple (@_mrs.appleyeverafter_) to share her personal recommendations of activities kids can enjoy this sunny season!

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Apple Masiclat
Content Creator and Mompreneur
  • Solana Greens
    Kids Microgreens Grow Kit V2

    Apple Masiclat

    The best way to encourage our little ones to eat their greens is to let them grow one or two! What I love about this kit is that it is packed very nicely, and it has all the inclusions that you'll need to grow a healthy plant.

    Each box contains 2 pieces of custom-made punnets, 2 pieces of humidity cover, 1 pack of soilless grow medium mix, growing manual, kid’s activity sheet, and 2 random seed packets. The seeds can either be broccoli, kale, alfalfa, mizuna, mustard, tatsoi, pakchoi, radish, and Detroit red beets. 

    The element of surprise will definitely make our kids more excited! You can, of course, purchase this for personal use, or you may also give this a gift or a birthday souvenir for other kids to enjoy, too.
  • Coleman®
    4-Person Sundome Camping Tent

    Apple Masiclat

    If having "fun under the sun" is not exactly your cup of tea because of the summer's sweltering heat, especially during the daytime, then I highly suggest trying out setting up a nighttime mini-camp in your own backyard. It's one sure-fire way to switch up your kid's summer vacation.

    And what camp wouldn't be complete without a tent? This tent is very spacious that it can even fit up to 4 adults. So imagine if you have little kids, then you can fit more! This is definitely a perfect place for some bonding time with the family.

    I like that it has large mesh screens on the side for ample ventilation, and at the same time, it protects you from bugs and insects that could be present. It also has a nice material that does not tear easily even when stored for a long time. What's more, is it’s easy to pack after use and really easy to clean as well!
  • Yamaha
    PSR-F51 61-Key Portable Keyboard

    Apple Masiclat

    Coming from a trusted, high-quality brand, this is the perfect keyboard for kids, beginners who are still on the learning curve, and also for those experienced users looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use instrument.

    All you need to do is select a voice, choose a rhythm, press Start, and voila, you're ready to groove! It comes with a variety of functions that include 120 Voices, 61 keys, and114 Rhythms. I think it's nice that the keyboard also features many traditional instruments from all over the world. 

    Another thing that I love about this is that it is very lightweight and portable. You can bring it anywhere around the house! My son takes this wherever he feels like playing it. We also usually bring this whenever we visit my parents or in-laws!
  • Showa
    HC-625 3-Level Hamster Cage

    Apple Masiclat

    Since most kids usually have a lot of free time during the summer, it is the perfect time to let them own pets. This teaches them responsibility at an early age, plus pets are also the perfect home companion. 

    For those who don't want to "take the plunge" just yet, I recommend getting hamsters. I remember when we had two at homeーthey were really fascinating to watch, happily playing inside their cage.

    Now check this cage from Showa. Not only will your child love it, but your pet hamster, too! It's very colorful, and it comes with various accessories like a play wheel, tunnels, stairs, home, as well as a drinking bottle. I’m pretty sure your little hamster will enjoy playing here all day!
  • Hasbro

    Apple Masiclat

    Here's a game that will literally get you on your hands and feet! Check out this classic board game that is suitable for both kids and adults. This will surely leave all family members in knots and get everyone laughing and have a real good time.

    With this game, you can test if your little one can correctly follow instructions and also see how flexible your child (or yourself!) can be. It can also be played either indoors or outdoors, so fun guaranteed anywhere!
  • Strider
    12-inch Sport Bike

    Apple Masiclat

    One's childhood wouldn't really be complete without learning how to ride a bikeーand this is just the perfect partner for that! Although most kids in our country learn from riding a bike with training wheels and then slowly adjusting them, this balance bike from Strider will help them improve their balance in no time!

    Compared to regular bikes, this one doesn't have pedals, so your child will also develop better coordination.  What I like about this balance bike is that it is lightweight and has an adjustable seat. You'll also be surprised to know that the tires are puncture-proof, so they will never go flat! Cool, right?
  • Sonifer
    3-in-1 Waffle Maker

    Apple Masiclat

    Whether it would just be pouring or mixing some ingredients, kids usually love to be involved in preparing food in the kitchen. Take it up a notch and prepare their favorite meriendas with this mini-appliance from Sonifer. I'm sure they will be ecstatic and delighted!

    This is a 3-in-1 mini appliance that can prepare waffles, donuts, and even ice cream cones! The aluminum plates that it comes with are non-stick, so preparing and cleaning up is a breeze.

    Preparing snacks with this can make for a nice afternoon bonding activity with your little one. Just make sure to assist those little hands. Enjoy your time in the kitchen!
  • Washable Tempera Paint - 100 ml 9 Colors Bundle

    Apple Masiclat

    Get those bright, creative minds working and those little hands busy! No summer activity will be complete without some arts and crafts sessions. 

    This is the perfect paint bundle to get as it includes 9 different colors, plus it’s washable and non-toxic, so it is definitely safe for our toddlers! These can be used as finger paint, and it works on different materials like kraft paper, cardstock, rocks, and glasses.

    The paints are easy to use as wellーjust add a few drops of water or use as is! You can even combine two paints to achieve the color you want. Whether your little one is just playing around with colors or into painting practice, this is a sure must-have!
  • Kids Inline Adjustable Skate Roller

    Apple Masiclat

    Finding footwear for our kids could be really tricky, especially now that we can't physically go to stores to try them out. That is why it is really a catch to find roller skates that specify the measurement or length and not just mention up to what age it is suitable. This is extremely helpful because every kid is different, right? 

    Check out these inline roller skates for kids that give you the best value for money. Each pair is adjustable up to four sizes which allow kids to grow with the skate. From as young as 3 years old until 10 years and up, our kids can use these for an active lifestyle, and they can even hand them down to their other siblings.
  • Stephen Joseph
    Swim Goggles for Kids

    Apple Masiclat

    Who would say no to these oh-so-cute swim goggles? With its catchy colors and fun designs, your child will definitely be excited to swim and stay in the water for hours! The eyecups have interesting designs like mermaid, shark, crocodile, and more. It also comes with a case where you can put the goggles back after use.

    Aside from the overall appearance, I like that these goggles have anti-fog lenses, so everything looks clear underwater. For a secure and comfortable fit, it also has soft silicone eyecups, plus straps that can be adjusted up to 12 inches.