Jessica's 10 CrossFit Starter Pack Essentials

Jessica's 10 CrossFit Starter Pack Essentials

I know that just by mentioning the word "CrossFit," it somehow comes off intimidating, but I promise you, no matter what your fitness level is, you will learn to love this sport. The workout for each day is diverse and unpredictable, which makes it fun and exciting. What I love more about CrossFit and its classes is that no matter what age group you belong to, you are very welcome to participate. 

Movements are being modified or as we call it, “scaled down”, depending on your fitness level, thus not making you feel left out and adjusting to your own capabilities. As you become stronger, workouts become more challenging and because of this, you are more motivated to train even harder. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move toward your fitness goals.

I used to be that girl who had zero knowledge about lifting weights or even exercising. After trying out a session at Avant-Garde (CrossFit Box), it forever changed the fitness game for me. I became more disciplined and motivated because I was eager and excited enough to learn and start doing what the other CrossFit athletes were doing. I even considered joining a competition. 

I never realized working out could be so much fun until I came across CrossFit. Without further ado, let me share with you the essentials when starting out with the best exercise in the world. 

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Jessica Marco
Actress, TV Commercial Model, CrossFit Athlete
  • Boom Twins
    Fitness Coaching Program

    Jessica Marco

    Sure, you can find workouts online but having the Boom Twins as your coach will help you with the right program whatever your fitness goals may be. They will guide you throughout your fitness journeyーtracking your progress, helping you get to the correct form, and even give you diet advice.

    I met them when I was enrolled in a CrossFit box where they were my coaches and I can say that they're the kindest and most patient coaches. Since we couldn't go to the gym during this pandemic, I am currently doing Boom Twin's online program where they post the workout of the day.

    The program I am enrolled in consists of a warm-up, the actual workout, strength workout, and a cool down. The starting price for their program is Php1,200 per month for general fitness. They also do a one-on-one session that could be done online as well which costs around Php 500.
  • RPM
    Rope Session 4.0

    Jessica Marco

    You will not believe how lightweight this rope is! Unlike ordinary jump ropes that tire your forearms within just a few minutes, you will be able to do more reps with this one, making you burn and sweat those calories more! 

    Admittedly, this jump rope is quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the money because you pay for its durability and quality. Also, if there's one workout equipment that you could virtually use anywhere, it would be this. Jumping rope may seem easy, but once you pick up speed and do double-unders, you'll definitely think twice!
  • Ensayo Fitness
    Yoga Mat

    Jessica Marco

    A yoga mat is one of the workout must-have items. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this item is essential so that you can stretch properly and comfortably. This yoga mat from Ensayo is very durable and non-slip. I use this the entire time for my stretches and warm-ups! 

    From poses like the cobra, downward dog to doing burpees, push-ups, spiderman lunges, and more, this mat is a very useful item. Although you can definitely do stretches or yoga without a mat, it will be quite a challenge, especially for beginners, because it would feel uncomfortable and less stable, so it may increase the chance of you getting injured.

    I like that this mat is very easy to clean! I just spray a little bit of Lysol, wipe it all over, and then leave it to dry. I also appreciate that it comes with a strap that I can use to easily carry it around or keep it in place once I'm done using it.
  • Reebok
    Nano X Training Shoes for Women

    Jessica Marco

    These shoes are created for this sport! It's lightweight and has a breathable mesh made to keep the feet comfortable when doing long metcons. It has a heel cup to support you while you do Olympic lifts, and it has a rubber that surrounds the shoes that make rope climbs a little bit easier!

    What else could we ask for? Aside from the support it gives, it is undeniably aesthetically pleasing! I believe that part of having a good workout session is also feeling good about yourself, and these shoes will definitely give you some kind of confidence boost.
  • All Out
    Hex Dumbbells

    Jessica Marco

    Besides bodyweight training, part of building your strength is adding a little weight when working out. These dumbbells are great for an additional challenge! The shape is perfect for metcons or metabolic conditioning since we do many overhead movements with dumbbells. You can also slam these babies on the floor.

    When I started CrossFit, I first used 10 lbs and gradually increased the weight. I just gauge and check whether I need to up the load or use a lighter weight. However, in CrossFit, there is a thing called RX, which means "recommendation," and the recommended weight for women is 35 lbs.

    Slowly and steadily, I trained and increased the weight of the dumbbells I use from 10 lbs to 20 lbs. I trained harder a little more, and now, I can proudly say that I can do 35 lbs dumbbell snatches!
  • Knee Sleeves

    Jessica Marco

    Since CrossFit involves a lot of movements that use the legs and knees, this pair of knee sleeves is a must-have. Knee sleeves provide compression and extra support, which decreases the chances of getting injured. 

    I usually wear this when I do high reps with moderate to heavy load or when I'm rope climbing. There are times that I do 30 squat snatches and 30 overhead squats for high reps, and I feel that these knee sleeves definitely give extra support. I also use these to avoid rope burns when doing rope climbs! 
  • Carbon Comp Grips 3hole
    Bear Komplex

    Jessica Marco

    To properly execute movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, chest to bar, and muscle-ups, not only will you need core strength, but also a good grip. Some people prefer to chalk their hands but I personally like using these 3 Hole Hand Grips from Bear Komplex.

    It features a sticky carbon fiber that allows to firmly grip the bar and reduces slippage. Furthermore, it keeps the hands and palms protected from tears, cuts, and rips. These are, by far, the best I've ever used and they have never let me down!

    I've tried gloves from other brands but they easily got ripped so I always end up going back to the Bear Komplex ones. Although it's a little bit on the pricey side, I can assure you that it can withstand wear and tear.
  • Harbinger
    5 Inches Foam Core Belt

    Jessica Marco

    Core belts, as the name suggests, help you engage your core and keeps your spine protected when doing heavy lifts, high repetitions of squats, and deadlifts. We don't want any injuries here, right? 

    I like that this belt is lightweight and breathable, so it doesn't feel restraining or uncomfortable when I wear it. Its hook-and-loop design is a big plus because it makes it easy to wear and adjust. You can easily loosen or tighten it depending on your preference.

    What's more, since most core belts available in the market are usually just in black, this core belt has a little bit of attitude or personality because of its pink color! 
  • DMN8 Active Lifestyle Wear
    Freedom Shorts

    Jessica Marco

    DMN8 Active Lifestyle Wear is a local brand that offers activewear that's cute, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. The material used for their products are highly comparable to popular sports brands, but for a lesser price so it's definitely a steal!

    I love that their Freedom Shorts do not limit my movements, and they are squat proof and sweatproof. I wear this pair of Freedom Shorts when working out, especially on hot summer days, because the fabric is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. It also has secret pockets and the seams were meticulously tailored so you don't get conscious if you ever have camel toe.
  • EVA Foam Roller

    Jessica Marco

    We all have been thereーworking out rigorously and feeling sore for a couple of days. Even if you're not doing CrossFit and still haven't gotten your hands on a foam roller, you're definitely missing out!

    Foam rollers are very effective for eliminating muscle pain, tension, and knots. It helps you self-massage and stimulate blood flow so that your body can recover quickly. Besides that, foam rollers can also be used for stretching or warm-upsーa versatile equipment indeed.

    I didn't really use foam roller until I started lifting a little heavier and lifted something heavy for my back squats and cleans. I'd usually get muscle tightness, and this unquestionably helped relieve muscle tightness after a very tiring WOD.