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  4. 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More
  • 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More 1
  • 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More 2
  • 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More 3
  • 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More 4
  • 10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More 5

10 Best Paper Shredders in the Philippines 2023 | Fellowes, Deli, and More

If you work in a school or an office, chances are that you deal with a lot of paperwork. Disposing of confidential files without the worries of leaking information is made easier with a paper shredder. Shredding also reduces the risk of fires and infestation of pests in your working area. Plus, using one reduces the bulk of your waste and allows for easier disposal.

With today's technology, heavy-duty paper shredders are now much easier to use. However, there are too many to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Here, we will provide you a comprehensive buying guide on how to pick the best model and the top 10 best shredders on sites like Lazada and Shopee. Say goodbye to the stacks of papers on your desk!

Last updated 07/14/2023
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Editorial Team

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How to Choose a Paper Shredder – Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Choose the type that best suits your paper load.
  2. Select the cutting mechanism that best suits your purposes.
  3. Get the appropriate size and dust box capacity for your needs.
  4. Check the specs to determine processing ability.
  5. Look for additional features that add more value and convenience.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Choose the Type That Best Suits Your Paper Load

Generally speaking, paper shredders are powered by either manual or electric sources. It's best to choose depending on your frequency of use or the time and energy you can allot for shredding. 

Manual Shredders Are Best for Home Use

Manual Shredders Are Best for Home Use

Manual shredding is cost-effective and does not use electricity. You only have to spin the hand crank around to get the shredder going. The concept is like sharpening a pencil with a traditional sharpener. However, the downside is that it does take more time and effort to get it done, and the hand crank sometimes loosens after multiple uses.

Electric Shredders Are Better For Heavier Shredding Tasks

Electric Shredders Are Better For Heavier Shredding Tasks

If you tend to use a lot of paper, like in offices, an electric shredder would be the better option. Electric shredding makes the job easier and faster for you. The machine does the shredding without you needing to exert muscle power to make it function. 

However, it does use electricity, which inevitably adds to your bills. Nevertheless, it is still very useful with large amounts of paper shredding. It is also the more appropriate option if the documents you need to destroy have confidential information on them. 

② Select the Cutting Mechanism That Best Suits Your Purposes

The cutting fineness of the shredded papers will determine the volume or amount of garbage you will end up with. Depending on your purpose, you can choose among three types of cutting fineness. Read on below to know more about them.

Straight Cuts Are Fine for Non-Confidential Documents

Straight Cuts Are Fine for Non-Confidential Documents

Straight cuts are a product of manual paper shredders. The cuts are vertical, and it comes out like spaghetti noodlesーthin and elongated. This is just one of the few cutting types you can get from paper shredders available on the market today.

While this can definitely reduce bulk, documents can be easily pieced back together and made readable again, which puts your security at risk. However, if you’re only shredding papers for quicker disposal, then this type of cut would be enough.

Crosscuts Are Good for Disposal of Confidential Information

Crosscuts Are Good for Disposal of Confidential Information

Most electric shredders have this kind of cutting mechanism. It basically cuts vertically, just like the manual type, but also horizontally, which makes the shredded paper tiny and the letters are unreadable. This is good for disposing papers that contain confidential information. 

Micro Crosscuts Offer Maximum Security

Micro Crosscuts Offer Maximum Security

Micro crosscuts are even better than crosscuts if your primary concern is security. The cut size of each shredded paper is usually around 2 mm by 10 mm. The only issue with this type of cut is that it takes a longer time for the machine to shred. But when you think about it, it is worth the wait as it delivers maximum security and confidentiality!

③ Get the Appropriate Size and Dust Box Capacity for Your Needs

Get the Appropriate Size and Dust Box Capacity for Your Needs

If you'll be using the shredder at home and you have limited space, it might be better to get a small and handy paper shredderA huge electric paper shredder can most likely fit in a typical office since space is less likely to be an issue. Thus, it's best to put it in an area that is wide and accessible to everyone in the office.

You also need to check the size of the input port of the shredder. The size of your shredder's input port should be compatible with the size of the paper you are shredding. In case you do end up with a port that is smaller than the size of your paper, you will have to fold your sheets in order to make them fit

For the dust box capacity, it's best to assess the frequency of your usage and the amount of paper you'll shred. If you get a unit with a smaller dust box, but you shred paper almost every hour, you'll likely be filling up the dust box immediately. The ideal capacity of a dust box is around 3 liters for small amounts and 10 liters for larger amounts.

④ Check the Specs to Determine Processing Ability

The processing ability of each paper shredder depends on three pointsーcontinuous operation, cutting speed, and number of sheets. These three points are important in distinguishing high-quality shredders from low-quality ones.

Continuous Operation Time Helps Avoid Overheating

Continuous Operation Time Helps Avoid Overheating

Paper shredders have a time limit of operation to avoid overheating and overtaxing the motor. If you often have lots of sheets to shred, the machine’s continuous operation time is an important factor to consider

If your machine does not have a continuous operation ability, you’ll need to wait for it to cool down before you can load it up again, which can be very time-consuming. So if you need long shredding sessions, better get a heavy-duty shredder. 

High Cutting Speed Gets the Job Done Faster

High Cutting Speed Gets the Job Done Faster

A paper shredder with a faster cutting speed is certainly preferable to a slower one, but you might want to think again. With great cutting speed comes great noise, so the faster a machine gets, the noisier it becomes. Also, the faster ones tend to produce large cuts, which might be a disadvantage if you want to dispose of confidential documents.  

The Number of Sheets It Can Shred Per Use Tells You How Powerful a Shredder Is

The Number of Sheets It Can Shred Per Use Tells You How Powerful a Shredder Is

Paper shredders can process only a limited number of sheets to shred per cut. The ideal number is around 5 sheets per load, but it would still depend on the indicated number on the packaging. You should check the shredder's sheet capacity to see if it meets your workload.

Some powerful models are capable of cutting through 8 to 12 sheets at a time. It is important to remember that exceeding the standard number of sheets may cause paper jams, so it's better to follow the number of sheets indicated on the label to avoid damaging your machine. T

⑤ Look For Additional Features That Add More Value and Convenience

Look For Additional Features That Add More Value and Convenience

Other functions that shredders offer nowadays include the ability to cut harder materials like CDs and credit cards, noise reduction, plus a wide array of safety features. To avoid accidents, look for models that have safety features like automatic shut-off, interlock switches, and paper overload indicators. Some models automatically switch off when the dust box is removed. 

Additionally, paper jams may occur at some point, so you will need a machine that has a reverse function to get rid of the jams easilyThis functionality is really helpful if you are frequently shredding large amounts of paper.

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10 Best Paper Shredders to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Key features


Powershred Cross-cut Shredder

Fellowes Powershred Cross-cut Shredder 1枚目

Avoid Paper Jams With This 100% Jam-Proof Machine



9906 Paper Shredder

Deli 9906 Paper Shredder 1枚目

A Heavy-Duty Shredder for Paper and Plastic



Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Comix Heavy Duty Paper Shredder 1枚目

Offers Continuous Shredding for 30 Minutes



C-116A Paper Shredder

Starpoint C-116A Paper Shredder 1枚目

A Small Shredder With a Powerful Motor



E9939 Paper Shredder

Deli E9939 Paper Shredder 1枚目

User-Friendly and Convenient to Transport



Document Shredder

Lecon Document Shredder 1枚目

Great Safety and Efficiency Features



Shredmaster 31SX

GBC Shredmaster 31SX  1枚目

Has a High Security and Huge Dust Bin Capacity



Shredder Machine

Acura Shredder Machine 1枚目

Ideal for Both Home and Professional Settings


Portable Paper Shredder

 Portable Paper Shredder 1枚目

A Push-Button Option for Light Shredding Tasks



Manual Paper Shredder

Deli Manual Paper Shredder 1枚目

A Basic Manual Model for Home Use

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FellowesPowershred Cross-cut Shredder79Ci

Powershred Cross-cut Shredder Image 1
Reference price
From ₱19,995

Avoid Paper Jams With This 100% Jam-Proof Machine

The Fellowes brand promotes itself to have the "World's Toughest Shredders," and they prove this through the Powershred 79Ci. This heavy-duty shredder can handle up to 16 sheets per pass, as well as credit cards, CDs, staples, and paper clips. This is the best option for offices and other establishments handling confidential information and heavy workloads.

The first of this unit's many features is its 100% Jam Proof technology, so you will be able to finish shredding without any hassle. Conveniently, it works for up to 20 minutes straight and has a whopping 23-liter easy pull-out bin for your convenience. This shredder also has SafeSense technology, which stops the machine when hands are at the opening for your safety.

This product is definitely worth the investment since it has energy-saving technology where you are able to do more work at lower energy costs. Not to mention, it comes with the SilentShred feature, so no noise will come from the machine as you use it.

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Deli9906 Paper Shredder

9906 Paper Shredder Image 1

A Heavy-Duty Shredder for Paper and Plastic

Made with Germany grade 5 confidentiality that makes sure your private information is unreadable by delivering one of the smallest micro-cuts, this big and durable box can give you the best intelligent security protection. You can shred for as long as 40 minutes continuously, with an end product of 2 x 12 mm. shreds.

You can also shred 16 sheets of paper at a time, making this one of the most powerful shredders on the market today. This is a great option for big offices that deal with large amounts of highly sensitive documents. This also shreds stapled paper, CDs, credit cards, and paper clips, where non-paper items like CDs go into a separate container for your safety.

Plus, it comes with a 30-liter visible paper bucket, so you won't need to dispose of the paper shreds often. This also has an overheating protection feature via intelligent induction which helps it cool down - no worries if you use this for long periods! With a long-running time, sharp blades, and powerful machine, this paper shredder is one of the best investments you can get for your office.


ComixHeavy Duty Paper ShredderS3508D

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Image 1
Reference price
From ₱13,560

Offers Continuous Shredding for 30 Minutes

This paper shredder is one of the best choices for bustling offices with a ton of paperwork. With a bin capacity of 22 liters and a run time of 30 minutes, it can take major shredding tasks with no problems. It is able to take 8 sheets at a time, so you can definitely work more efficiently. It also has an auto-reverse function, which is a convenien feature if you need to remove a sheet.

It also has the capacity to destroy CDs and credit cards, the shards of which go to a separate tray for safer disposal. While it needs to rest for 40 minutes after use, you get maximum security in return due to its micro-cut cutting mechanism, making this one of best options for offices that handle confidential information. 


StarpointC-116A Paper Shredder

C-116A Paper Shredder Image 1

A Small Shredder With a Powerful Motor

Starpoint offers an electric shredder that can cut up to 7 sheets at a time. Equipped with sharp blades, it can also destroy your old credit cards and CDs. This is perfect for students who have a lot of paperwork as well as smaller offices since it has a dust box capacity of 15 liters.

This also offers a crosscut type of cutting mechanism, providing you with a higher level of security. It strikes just the right balance between a high-end and a low-end shredder, so if you want to have a heavy-duty shredder that isn't too heavy on the budget, this product is worth a try.


DeliE9939 Paper Shredder

User-Friendly and Convenient to Transport

With nitrogen alloyed blades, this shredder can easily tear documents of size A4 and below into tiny micro-cuts that meet the highest levels of security. You can shred five sheets at a time and do so continuously for five minutes. 

After five minutes of nonstop use, it will then shut off automatically to prevent the machine from overheating. The intelligent induction design helps to cool it down quickly so you can go back and finish your shredding. 

If you've fed the wrong document into the shredder by mistake, you can try and retrieve it using the reverse function button. The transparent window in the bin makes it easy for you to see if you need to empty it out. There's also a handle cleverly tucked at the top that you can use to transport it from place to place. 


LeconDocument Shredder

Great Safety and Efficiency Features

This sleek black shredder from Lecon is a veritable workhorse. Its cutter head motor can go forward and backward and can work continuously for 10 to 20 minutes. It can take 5 sheets of paper at a time, and the pure copper wire motor can breeze through 60 sheets in 1 minute. When you have a mountain of paper to shred, every minute counts!

It has a smart sensing feature that can monitor the temperature to protect the machine from overheating. Once it detects heat, it will automatically power off. The carbide steel knife is durable and sharp, but it is not advisable to shred paper with glue or adhesive on it, as this will affect the sharpness of the knife.  

There is a back dial button, otherwise known as a reverse function, to prevent paper jams and recover important documents. And best of all, the head of the shredder is versatile because you can actually remove it from the tank and use it on top of another tank or bin.


GBCShredmaster 31SX

Has a High Security and Huge Dust Bin Capacity

This machine from Japan is literally a giant in the paper shredder market. It is the largest model on this list, boasting a 30-liter dust bin. This is best for truly busy offices that use so much paper, like law offices, banks, and universities.

With a working cycle of 11 minutes, you can get some serious shredding done with this machine. The shredding capacity is at the highest security level since it can cut sheets of paper down to tiny bits that are almost like dust particles. Thus, it's great for destroying highly confidential documents. No worries about security here!

It is also powerful enough to destroy CDs, credit cards, staples, and paper clips. A window in the dust bin helps you view the trash level easily, and in case of a paper jam, the reverse function is there to help you clear it. 


AcuraShredder Machine

Ideal for Both Home and Professional Settings

Don't let the slim shape of this paper shredder fool you! With an adjustable arm for easy carrying wherever you go, this might feel like a lightweight and low-quality shredder. But that couldn't be farther from the truthーit is a heavy-duty worker capable of shredding paper into strips.


You can load up to 5 sheets at a time, and it won't have a problem running through those in seconds. Its waste container capacity is 10 liters, so you won't have to keep rushing to the trash bin to empty it. Lastly, this shredder is a plug-in type of shredder, which allows for no replacement of batteries or cranking of lever manually.


Portable Paper Shredder

Portable Paper Shredder Image 1
Reference price
From ₱550

A Push-Button Option for Light Shredding Tasks

This handy shredder has a dual power sourceーit can run on batteries, or you can use a USB charger to connect it to an electrical outlet. With the clear plastic box, you can easily see if your shredder needs emptying. 

This product is a good choice for people who don't really work with documents all the time but still need a way to dispose of small but confidential items like bank statements, invoices, bills, and receipts. It can fit sheets up to size A4, and you can shred two at a time. The output is just straight-cut strips, but it would be enough for getting rid of minor types of documents.


DeliManual Paper Shredder9935

A Basic Manual Model for Home Use

If you're not really looking for a heavy-duty shredder, or you simply need to dispose of sheets from time to time, this product might be the one for you. It is operated manually, so all you have to do is activate the crank and spin it round and round to get the paper going down through the inlet. It is suitable for A4 sheets and below

Once shredded, the strips of paper are about 0.3 cm wide. Not bad for a hand-powered shredder! The cutter is hidden inside, so you don't have to worry about kids nicking their fingers accidentally! And for sure, they will want to do the shredding themselvesーafter all, it is fun to see paper turn like noodles while you crank it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Why Do Paper Shredders Stop Working?

Most likely, paper shredders stop working when there is a paper jam. If your shredder is clogged, it may show signs like stopping, not completely shredding the paper, only working in reverse, making unusual noises, and not pulling in the paper properly.

You may also check if the cutting head is positioned properly. If it's not in the right place, the shredder may not run as a safety measure. If these are not the problems your shredder is encountering, consult the manual provided by the manufacturer to guide you.

How to Sharpen Paper Shredder Blades?

You can use shredding oil to lubricate the blades, in turn, sharpening them. This can be done every 30 minutes of shredding. However, make sure that the oil you will use is appropriate and are not substitutes like vegetable oil that may damage the shredder's blades and clog other parts of the machine.

Other easy ways to sharpen your paper shredder are running aluminum foil through it every couple of weeks and regularly cleaning and emptying the shredder itself. You can also give the shredder a break after using it for long periods of time and using its reverse function to clear out any pieces of paper caught inside the blades. After all, nothing beats maintenance and careful usage.

Do Paper Shredders Need to Be Oiled?

Yes, oiling is done to maintain the blades' sharpness. Make sure that you are only using official shredder oil or lubricant. Another option is to use lubricant sheets, which are pieces of paper that contain oil that you run through the shredder.

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Top 5 Paper Shredders

No. 1: Fellowes | Powershred Cross-cut Shredder | 79Ci

No. 2: Deli | 9906 Paper Shredder

No. 3: Comix | Heavy Duty Paper Shredder | S3508D

No. 4: Starpoint | C-116A Paper Shredder

No. 5: Deli | E9939 Paper Shredder

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