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  4. 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More
  • 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More 1
  • 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More 2
  • 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More 3
  • 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More 4
  • 10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More 5

10 Best Grass Cutters in the Philippines 2023 | Honda, Ingco, and More

Grass cutters make sure that your lawn and backyard, or bakuran, are trimmed and neat-looking. Also called grass trimmers, these machines are lightweight and easy to carry around, unlike lawnmowers.  They work like a scythe to cut grasses, weeds, and bushes to your desired length, area, or shape. 

While they may seem like a straightforward grasscutter tool, there are factors you need to consider to get the best out of your purchase. To help you narrow down your choices, we've prepared an informative buying guide and a list of the best grass cutters at the best prices for sale online in the Philippines.

Last updated 07/14/2023
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Our recommendation articles are carefully researched and crafted by the mybest Philippines team of writers and editors. To stay true to our company’s mission and vision to help users’ selection process easier, we also collaborate with experts from various fields to ensure that our content stays factual and useful.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Grass Cutter - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Consider the power source of the grass cutter.
  2. Choose the blade type that suits your purpose.
  3. Consider the shape of the cutter.
  4. Look for more support and control attachments for ease of use.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Consider the Power Source of the Grass Cutter

There are three sources of power for grass cutters: gas-powered, corded electric, and rechargeable electric. The correct choice depends on your terrain and the size of your area, plus your tolerance for noise and even pollution.

Opt for Gas-Powered Grass Cutter for Overgrown Weeds and Bushes and if You Value Power

Opt for Gas-Powered Grass Cutter for Overgrown Weeds and Bushes and if You Value Power

Petrol or gas-powered trimmers can be used for a whole day as long as you fill the tank up. This type is best for overgrown weeds or bushes that tend to have thicker stalks, especially when they are already dried up. 

They provide excellent cutting power and are usually more durable. The downside is you have to periodically refill the gas tank; therefore, you need to have gas stored at home. This may be a fire risk if the petrol is improperly stored.

Corded Electric Cutters for Less Noise

Corded Electric Cutters for Less Noise

Corded electric cutters produce less noise than gas-powered ones. Hence, they are more pleasant to operate and cause less disturbance for your neighbors as well. If you prefer this type, look at the wattage of the device: higher wattage means more power.

However, since this type is plugged in, the distance you can cover is limited. Also, you run the risk of shocking yourself and destroying the device if the electrical cord unintentionally gets caught in the blades or strings.

Rechargeable Electric Cutters for Worry-Free Lawn Maintenance

Rechargeable Electric Cutters for Worry-Free Lawn Maintenance

Rechargeable electric cutters are a great option if you see garden maintenance as a relaxing part of your weekends. They are not as noisy as petrol-powered cutters. Plus, there's no risk of unintentionally shocking yourself lest you mishandle it.

They allow you to cover as much distance as you want, although the battery capacity is definitely a limiting factor. This type has been the most developed in terms of cutting capacity. You will see some products that will give petrol-powered users a run for their money.

② Choose the Blade Type That Suits Your Purpose

Choose the Blade Type That Suits Your Purpose

You can choose between a nylon string trimmer or a metal-bladed trimmer. Some models feature both types in one, and in this case, you can switch between the two types easily. Otherwise, you’d have to own two cutting machines, especially for commercial use.

String trimmers, made mostly of nylon material, are best for detailing. You can use them to cut right up the base of a tree, around decorative rocks, or to outline the borders of a pathway. They are meant for cutting “softer” greenery.

On the other hand, blade trimmers are used for leveling shrubs and bushes, as well as small saplings and tough vines. They have a more industrial use and are great for clearing larger areas. They do carry a higher risk of damaging your property and causing injury to the operator, so you must use them with caution.

③ Consider the Shape of the Cutter

Consider the Shape of the Cutter

There are two general shapes with regard to the shaft of the grass cutter: straight and curved. There is not that much difference in their operation, as they are both used the same way, swayed back and forth. Thus, your choice boils down to personal preference. 

A curved shaft gives you more stability when cutting. It is easier on the back, and with the absence of discomfort, it is easier to control.

Meanwhile, a straight shaft is more durable, as it doesn't have a weak spot like a curved shaft. It is also usually more versatile in terms of the attachments the machine accepts. Some straight shafts also have a movable joint for the head that allows you to tilt them, which gives the same effect as a curved shaft. 

④ Look for More Support and Control Attachments for Ease of Use

Look for More Support and Control Attachments for Ease of Use

Opt for a grass cutter machine that has additional attachments, as these grass cutter parts will make weed whacking easier. Below are some types of attachments you may use and their functions.

  • Handlebars: give you better control of the machine, especially in swaying them back and forth and also when cutting at an angle
  • Support straps: help you carry the grass cutter easier, distributing the weight of the machine on your whole body, not just your arms
  • Wheels: allow you to use your grass cutter as a lawn mower; ideal for covering large lawn areas
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10 Best Grass Cutters to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Key features


4 Stroke Grass Cutter

Honda  4 Stroke Grass Cutter 1枚目

Heavy Duty Grass Cutter for the Toughest Terrains



2-Stroke Brush Cutter

Lotus 2-Stroke Brush Cutter 1枚目

Strong Cordless Cutter That Can Take On Tree Branches



4-Stroke Grass Cutter

Powerhouse  4-Stroke Grass Cutter 1枚目

Durable Grass Cutter With Fuel-Efficient Engine



Cordless Grass Trimmer

Ingco  Cordless Grass Trimmer 1枚目

Telescopic and Adjustable for Ergonomic Grass Cutting


Rechargeable Cordless Grass Cutter

 Rechargeable Cordless Grass Cutter  1枚目

A Grass Cutter That Doubles as a Lawn Mower


Black + Decker

Grass String Trimmer

Black + Decker Grass String Trimmer 1枚目

A String Cutter With a Comfortable Grip



4 Stroke Grass Trimmer

Mitsushi 4 Stroke Grass Trimmer 1枚目

A Large Cutter With a Sharp Horizontal Blade



Grass Cutter

Kawasaki Grass Cutter 1枚目

Powerful Grass Cutter for Large Areas



Grass Trimmer

INGCO  Grass Trimmer  1枚目

Lightweight and Easy-to-Store Grass Trimmer



Cordless Grass Trimmer

Mitsushi  Cordless Grass Trimmer 1枚目

Basic Grass Trimmer for Small Lawns

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Honda 4 Stroke Grass CutterGX35

4 Stroke Grass Cutter Image 1
Reference price
From ₱5,121.14

Heavy Duty Grass Cutter for the Toughest Terrains

If you are after a high-quality build and design, this is the gas-powered cutter for you. It carries the world's first 360-degree inclinable 4-stroke engine, meaning you can operate the cutter in any position. This makes it useful for trimming tall bushes and hedges and even cutting down low-hanging tree stems vertically or horizontally.

Designed by Honda, the overhead cams are maintenance-free. Plus, the low-noise timing belt makes the engine more compact and light with great acceleration, which means more power. The attention to detail in the construction of this cutter is what makes it a sought-after product for all kinds of terrain.

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Lotus2-Stroke Brush CutterLT35BX/4S

2-Stroke Brush Cutter Image 1

Strong Cordless Cutter That Can Take On Tree Branches

If you're looking for a grass cutter that can take a beating, then this is your best bet. It has a body that is made mostly of metal and a powerful engine that can do up to 9000 rotations per minute. With a high acceleration rate, you can take on anything from thick weeds and bushes to small tree branches. 

It also features a double grip handle for better control and more accurate trimming. And at 6.9kg, it's one of the most lightweight cutters on this list, which is impressive considering that it's mostly made of metal. This 2-stroke grass cutter is for those who are looking for a grass cutter tool that is easy to carry.


Powerhouse 4-Stroke Grass CutterGX35

 4-Stroke Grass Cutter Image 1
Reference price
From ₱7,920

Durable Grass Cutter With Fuel-Efficient Engine

Whether you're trimming hedges or cutting grass, this grass cutter is one you can surely rely on. It has 4 strokes, which means its engine is quieter, has fewer emissions, and is more fuel-efficient. The only catch with 4-stroke cutters is that they're usually more expensive than their 2-stroke counterparts.

This cutter has a 25L tank capacity, so you can use it for longer periods of time. The engine can also do 6,500 rotations per minute, which is powerful enough to cut down bushes and shrubs with ease. Overall, this is the tool to get if you're lawn is in constant need of heavy-duty trimming.


Ingco Cordless Grass TrimmerCGTLI2001

Cordless Grass Trimmer Image 1
Cordless Grass Trimmer Image 2
Cordless Grass Trimmer Image 3

Telescopic and Adjustable for Ergonomic Grass Cutting

If you're looking for a powerful cutter, check out this unit from Ingco. It has a no-load speed of 8500 RPM, meaning it has a very high power output. The handle can be adjusted by 180 degrees, and the spool can be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate trimming via vertical or horizontal cutting. This is designed for ergonomic and comfortable grass cutting.

With its telescopic handle, you won't need to bend down as you cut. Plus, the operating range can be adjusted as needed. The spool end is also made with reinforced metal, making it very durable. This not only stops it from breaking when you unintentionally hit small rocks but also guards you against those rocks propelled at high speeds.


Rechargeable Cordless Grass Cutter

A Grass Cutter That Doubles as a Lawn Mower

Some grass cutters can be heavy, so using them for long periods of time with only a harness can feel uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. With this cutter, you won't have this problem, as it comes with detachable wheels and can double as a lawn mower. Moreover, it's made mostly of plastic, so it's extremely lightweight.

This mower grass cutter only creates a hair-dryer-like hum when in use. As a safety feature, the head of the lawn mower has a rotating baffle to prevent debris from flying around. According to reviews, buyers find this cutter durable and consider it an overall good buy.


Black + DeckerGrass String TrimmerSTC1820PCB-XJ

Grass String Trimmer Image 1

A String Cutter With a Comfortable Grip

Not interested in bulky cutters that always need to be connected to a power source? This cordless string cutter from the leading brand Black + Decker is your best bet. Since it uses a nylon string instead of a metal blade, it's safer and lighter than most grass cutters. 

Make no mistake, this cutter can still handle thick greenery, thanks to its power output that can reach up to 18 volts. And whenever you feel tired after holding the cutter for too long, simply switch hands, since it has a comfortable one-hand grip. Take note, though, that the product comes with the unit only, so you have to purchase the batteries and chargers separately.


Mitsushi4 Stroke Grass TrimmerMS-35

A Large Cutter With a Sharp Horizontal Blade

From the well-known brand Mitsubishi, this cordless grass cutter gives you a great bang for your buck when it comes to power and efficiency. First, it has a 4-stroke engine that is reliable and easy to start. Then, it runs on gasoline 35cc, which is above standard among most trimmers in the market. 

The only drawback with this cutting tool is that it has a limited 1-liter fuel capacity. Despite this, the engine is energy-efficient, so there's nothing to worry about. Based on the reviews, this grass cutter is easy to assemble. It also comes with a free screwdriver set in case you might want to tinker with its engine.


KawasakiGrass CutterTD40

Grass Cutter Image 1
Grass Cutter Image 2

Powerful Grass Cutter for Large Areas

This petrol grass cutter has a 1.2-liter gas tank capacity that gives you a lot of fuel. You can cover a very wide area and use it for a long period of time. Since it runs at 1.9-horsepower, it's great for cutting the driest and toughest weeds and saplings with ease.

The interchangeable blades also make it great for heavy-duty use and commercial use. Plus, the head is fitted with four nylon strings that equal eight spinning edges for tough cutting and fast trimming. So, if you are into the lawn maintenance business or just have a lot of grass and weed areas to work with, consider this one.


INGCO Grass Trimmer GT 3501

Grass Trimmer  Image 1
Grass Trimmer  Image 2
Grass Trimmer  Image 3
Grass Trimmer  Image 4

Lightweight and Easy-to-Store Grass Trimmer

If you don't have a lot of space inside your home, this one is your best bet. Its detachable shaft makes for easy storage, so you wouldn't need a shed or tall storage space to keep it. It also provides you with a good amount of power at 350 watts, enough to maintain your lawn and keep it clean-looking.

Aside from that, it has a large power button for easy handling, and the plastic shaft makes it lightweight. It is great for home garden maintenance, like cutting Bermuda grass and other carpet-type grasses. While the product has mostly positive reviews, buyers did note that you'll need a long extension cord, especially when dealing with large areas.


Mitsushi Cordless Grass TrimmerMGCJ21

Basic Grass Trimmer for Small Lawns

For those who want something straightforward, this one is a good choice. It's a one-piece, simple grass trimmer that gives you the basic function of cutting grass. It also has an extendable steel shaft that allows for minute adjustments. Meanwhile, the plastic casing is made from durable ABS, so you can be assured of the quality.

On a full charge, it will give you a 2-hour run time, enough to tidy up your pathways, trim tall grasses, and cut away weeds. Aside from that, it has an anti-collision wire protector, which prevents the blade from coming into contact with hard objects. This product is best for you if you have a small porch or lawn that needs little but frequent maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Brush Cutter vs Grass Trimmer: Which One Should I Use?

Grass trimmers are smaller, lighter, and less durable compared to brush cutters. Given their features, they are more suited for covering large areas, while brush cutters are best for handling toughened vines, weeds, and branch stems. Choosing between the two ultimately depends on the kind and size of the terrain you're dealing with.

Can You Sharpen Blade for Grass Cutter?

Yes, and there are many ways to go about it. You can use rotary tools, grinders, or a piece of sharpening steel. You can also purchase blade replacements if your cutter has detachable ones. It is suggested to sharpen your blades once or twice a year, depending on usage to make sure that it stays efficient and won't wear down the machine's other components.

What Are the Best Grass Cutter Brands?

Weeds and other unwanted greenery can be a hassle to clean up, but luckily, there are grass cutters with durable, efficient, and powerful parts that make our lives easier. Among the leading brands when it comes to these products are Honda, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, and Ingco. They offer a wide range of grass cutter models with different features to suit every lawn owner's needs.

Other Gardening Tools for Plantitas and Plantitos

When you clean and maintain your bakuran, it's not just the grass that you have to work on. Other greeneries need the same care, too. Check out the links below for more garden and lawn maintenance tools to spruce up your green spaces!

Author: Petre Baliton

Re-editor: Katrina Balingit

How We Chose and Ranked Our Product Recommendations

Our buying guide was carefully researched and crafted by the mybest team of writers and editors, in collaboration with the expert featured in this article. We used the buying guide as a basis for choosing and ranking the product recommendations, and we looked at reviews and ratings from different E-commerce sites like Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Top 5 Grass Cutters

No. 1: Honda | 4 Stroke Grass Cutter | GX35

No. 2: Lotus | 2-Stroke Brush Cutter | LT35BX/4S

No. 3: Powerhouse | 4-Stroke Grass Cutter | GX35

No. 4: Ingco | Cordless Grass Trimmer | CGTLI2001

No. 5: | Rechargeable Cordless Grass Cutter

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