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  4. 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer
  • 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer 1
  • 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer 2
  • 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer 3
  • 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer 4
  • 10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer 5

10 Best Portable Speakers in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sound Engineer

With today's technology, listening or streaming music out loud from different platforms has never been this easy! The best portable speaker is your perfect companion to take your music everywhere. It can liven up parties, make tasks more enjoyable, showers and baths more refreshing, hikes more fun, and so on. Also, with newly added and improved design and features such as waterproof, dust-proof, and many more, a portable speaker now has further places it can go.

Let us help you choose the best speaker you can use for blasting music at the bounds of your home or to your next adventure. Scroll down below to check our buying guide reviewed by sound engineer Jojo Ariola, and a list of the top 10 products that you can purchase from Lazada and Shopee. 

Last updated 07/14/2023
Jojo Ariola
Sound Engineer
Jojo Ariola

Jojo Ariola has been working as a front-of-house live sound engineer for almost 20 years. He also has trained several students regarding the field. He has worked with famous local bands, and he has also worked as a DJ in bars and clubs around the metro. He is the audio engineer for music videos of artists like Miguel Escueta and Leanne & Naara. Lastly, he is also a vendor of sound and lights system rentals.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Our recommendation articles are carefully researched and crafted by the mybest Philippines team of writers and editors. To stay true to our company’s mission and vision to help users’ selection process easier, we also collaborate with experts from various fields to ensure that our content stays factual and useful.

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The expert oversees the Buying Guide only, and does not determine the products and services featured.

Table of Contents

How to Choose a Portable Speaker - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Consider the speaker's overall design.
  2. Pay attention to its battery life and charging time. 
  3. Check the connectivity options.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Consider the Speaker's Overall Design

Portable speakers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. How the speaker looks like is up to your preference. However, the design key features to look out for when choosing a speaker are its size, weight, build, and durability. 

Size and Weight Determine its Portability

Size and Weight Determine its Portability

One of the key features to consider when choosing a portable speaker is its size and weight. Portability means being able to easily carry it everywhere you go, ready to be used. The best portable speaker must be lightweight and compact.

Check its IP Rating to Determine Build and Durability for Long-Term Reliability

Check its IP Rating to Determine Build and Durability for Long-Term Reliability

On what type of setting will you use the speaker? Aside from the size and weight, the build is another thing to look out for. If you will use your speaker outdoors, for example, when you go to the pool or the beach, chances are the speaker will somehow get wet. This is where the waterproof feature comes in handy.

If you decide to take your speaker with you while doing some rugged or physical activities, consider a speaker that is shock-proof and dust-proof so that it can withstand dirt, drops, bumps, knocks, and more. Checking its IP rating is highly recommended to know whether the speaker can withstand the ingress of solids and is protected from liquids or moisture. The higher the IP rating, the better.

To make sure that the speaker is durable and reliable, we highly suggest buying from a well-known brand. Avoid getting speakers that are too cheap because they usually are of low or bad quality. However, it’s always a good idea to check reviews online first to see if a certain speaker satisfies your preference.

② Pay Attention to its Battery Life and Charging Time

Pay Attention to its Battery Life and Charging Time

Nobody likes their listening experience suddenly cut short because of battery loss, especially when you’re grooving or feeling all the emotions from the song. Since portable speakers are meant to be used without being plugged into the wall, go for a speaker that has a long battery life appropriate for the task or setting

If it’s a speaker for lounging around the house a speaker with an average of 4-6 hours of playtime should be enough to last you up to a week, depending on your use. However, if you intend to use the speaker for parties or maybe a whole day at the beach, go for one with longer playtime. 

Additionally, no one really likes to wait. We suggest taking a look at the specs and see the speaker’s charging time. Most speakers have an average charging time of around 3 hours for it to get a full battery, but this depends on the brand and model. 

③ Check the Connectivity Options

Check the Connectivity Options

How do you want to connect your device to the speaker? Most speakers nowadays offer a wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are also NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible speakers, which only require you to simply hold your phone close to the speaker, and it will automatically pair.

However, there are some people who also prefer having a wired connection via an auxiliary connector because it saves battery, and there are usually no connectivity issues or interruptions with this.

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10 Best Portable Speakers to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Key features


Clip 4

JBL Clip 4 1枚目

Your Music Companion for Adventures



SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker 1枚目

A Small Device but With a Mighty Sound



Soundcore 3

Anker Soundcore 3 1枚目

Play Music Up to 24 Hours, Uninterrupted


Ultimate Ears

Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 1枚目

Pool Parties Made Even More Fun



Go 3

JBL Go 3 1枚目

Fun-Sized Speaker to Grab and Go



Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

Marshall  Marshall Stockwell II Speaker 1枚目

Classic Design With Analog Control Knobs to Customize Sound



M1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic

Yoobao M1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic 1枚目

Big Sound With a Low Price



SoundCore Flare 2

Anker SoundCore Flare 2 1枚目

Get the Party Started With Beat-Driven Lights and 360° Sound



Soundcore Mini 3

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 1枚目

Impressive Sound Quality for a Small Speaker


JBL Boombox 2

 JBL Boombox 2 1枚目

Your Modern Boombox

Product details
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JBLClip 4

Clip 4 Image 1
Reference price
From ₱2,590

Your Music Companion for Adventures

This speaker is a must-have for the people who are always on the go and up for an adventure. It is small and light with a big sound and it features a carabiner that makes it very convenient. You only need to connect your device to this speaker wired or wireless, clip it to your bag or hang it wherever, and start playing! 

Compared to its predecessor, Clip 4's design has the carabiner incorporated to its body making it look sleeker. While this version does not have a speakerphone, its sound quality has improved by miles and has a better rubber material for extra durability. Plus, there are also different colors to choose from for that pop of color to make a statement!

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BoseSoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker Image 1

A Small Device but With a Mighty Sound

Take this speaker and strap it on your bag or your bike's handlebar for a thrilling escapade. Perhaps, just place it in your kitchen, the top of your table or bed, and listen to music wherever you please. Bose SoundLink Micro makes listening so easy and convenient. 

This speaker is small yet plays an unmatched mighty sound and a great bass, all possible through its silicone passive radiators. It has a rugged body that is made of quality materials that can withstand the damage caused by drops and dents, and it is also rated IPX7 waterproof! 

Although this speaker is quite pricey, you will get your money's worth from this brand that's been praised for its reliability and high-quality products through the years.


AnkerSoundcore 3

Soundcore 3 Image 1

Play Music Up to 24 Hours, Uninterrupted

Out of all the items in our top 10 list, the Anker Soundcore 3 prides itself to have the longest battery life with 24 hours. In addition to that, you only need to charge it for 4 hours! This is perfect for those long nights of partying that last until sunrise or for repeated use for many days.

Alongside its incredible long hours of playtime, you will be entertained worry-free because of its rugged body and water-resistant feature. Take this with you to the beach, pool, camp, shower, or wherever you please. 

This speaker is also multifunctional due to its built-in mic that allows you to take calls and even access Siri or Google Now. Along with Bass Up technology, this speaker is able to give you great listening experience.


Ultimate EarsWonderboom 2

Pool Parties Made Even More Fun

Boasting its features that include waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof, all ears and eyes will be on this little guy that's just perfect for the outdoors! It plays with a loud 360°sound which you can turn up more using the Outdoor Boost

Try going in the pool or do a cannonball, and the Wonderboom 2 will stay afloat! A true reliable pal that can go with you wherever you go. Although most of the reviewers are impressed, some say that this speaker could've been better if it had at least a few smart features or a speakerphone.



Go 3 Image 1

Fun-Sized Speaker to Grab and Go

Grab this speaker to enjoy and share music either indoors or outdoors. You can stream your music via Bluetooth or wired through an auxiliary connector, and listen to it for up to 5 hours. The JBL Go 3 is new and improved with an IP67 waterproof rating so getting it splashed or wet won't be a problem! 

Bringing this speaker from one place to another is also very easy because it only weighs 209 grams. While this new JBL Go can no longer take calls, it has a better sound quality because of JBL Pro Sound. 


Marshall Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

Classic Design With Analog Control Knobs to Customize Sound

Marshall takes pride in its quality and powerful sound that plays the richest bass and crisp highs. It is one of the most reliable and trusted brands that the music industry uses from concert stages and professional recording booths, and now you can take it with you conveniently anywhere. 

This portable speaker boasts its audio frequency range of 60-20,000 Hz with a maximum sound level of 80 dB. Its classic old-school design also features 3 knobs for adjustments of volume, bass, and treble.

With a charging time of 5 hours, you will enjoy a full playtime of 20+ hours. However, if you don't have a lot of time and need to use this speaker right away, a quick charge of only 20 minutes delivers 6 hours of playtime


YoobaoM1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic

Big Sound With a Low Price

Although this speaker comes at a very low price, you won't be fooled by it! Reviews on Lazada state that this speaker deserves a high rating for its low cost and high quality, which makes this product very recommendable.

Weighing only 198 grams, this speaker is your trustworthy pal, ready to be taken wherever you go. You can listen to your favorite songs with a superb sound for as long as 12 hours. Just be careful not to get it in contact with water because this speaker is not waterproof


AnkerSoundCore Flare 2

SoundCore Flare 2 Image 1

Get the Party Started With Beat-Driven Lights and 360° Sound

Anker has been on top of its game, doing an excellent job of delivering quality products at a competitive price. More than just listening to music, the new Soundcore Flare 2 offers a whole immersive experience with its balanced 360°sound, 20-hour playtime, waterproof feature, and to make it even better, a light show that pulses and shines to the beat of your music! 

With the Soundcore App, you can customize the EQ manually, or you can trust the app to automatically adjust it according to the type of music you are playing, which makes listening to all music genres enjoyable. In addition to that, you can now choose up to 6 color themes and 6 adjustable illumination patterns for the perfect light show. 


AnkerSoundcore Mini 3

Soundcore Mini 3 Image 1

Impressive Sound Quality for a Small Speaker

Don't be so fast on belittling this speaker! You will be surprised by the volume of this speaker and its sound quality, considering its tiny size! With 6W sound output, 360-degree sound, and Bass Up technology, the music ends up big and full-bodied with this compact little guy.

This speaker is very convenient and easy to use with its light and compact size. It comes with a carry handle or strap that allows you to hang the speaker virtually anywhere. With 15 hours of playtime, this makes sure you can enjoy your favorite tunes for a long time, wherever.


JBL Boombox 2

JBL Boombox 2 Image 1

Your Modern Boombox

All you need is this speaker to recreate the infamous scene from the movie, Say Anything, but with a modern twist! This speaker boasts 24 hours of playtime with a charging time of 6.5 hours. Compared to other speakers here on our list, this speaker is a little heavy, weighing 5.9 kg. However, we like this speaker because of its exceptional sound quality with booming bass

This speaker is perfect for outdoor parties because it is waterproof. You also don't need to worry about your phone running out of battery because this speaker doubles as a power bank. Truly a powerful and functional speaker! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Is It Okay to Charge Portable Speakers More Than the Suggested Charging Time?

No. You should follow the suggested charging time as keeping it plugged in for too long can lead to overheating, and this can cause damage to your speaker. In fact, speakers nowadays are made of lithium-ion batteries, the same ones used in smartphones, which are suggested to be charged only up to 90 percent, according to Ken Cameron from The Gadget Buyer.

Do Portable Speakers Have a Mic?

Many portable speakers available on the market offer different features that can cater to your individual needs. Some speakers conveniently have a mic or speakerphone that you can use for calls, while some don't have. It is best to read product descriptions and check the specifications to know whether it has a microphone.

Is It Possible to Connect One Device to Multiple Portable Speakers at the Same Time?

Technically, yes. According to Molly Laughlin from Lifewire, if you have a Samsung phone, units such as Galaxy S8, S+, or above have the Dual Audio feature where you can connect to two speakers through Bluetooth. For Apple users, you must have IOS 11.4 or higher and two HomePods. From there, you can use the HomePod Stereo Pair to connect the two speakers to various Apple products. 

Alternatively, in order to play the same music at the same time on two speakers, you can get apps such as AmpMe, Bose Connect, or Ultimate Ears. The best app is AmpMe, which works for any brand of speaker, while the other two only work for their brand's specific speakers. 

However, this requires another person's smartphone to join the "party" you created, then they must connect to another speaker to play the songs from your party or playlist. Other people can join as Guest DJs or simply send song requests to you, as mentioned by Jorge Mercier from Resolution Acoustics.

Rock Out With These Other Products

Don't limit your listening experience with just a portable speaker. Also consider the products down below to listen and groove to your favorite jams. 

Author: I. Honda

Re-editor: B. Fajardo

How We Chose and Ranked Our Product Recommendations

Our buying guide was carefully researched and crafted by the mybest team of writers and editors, in collaboration with the expert featured in this article. We used the buying guide as a basis for choosing and ranking the product recommendations, and we looked at reviews and ratings from different E-commerce sites like Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Top 5 Portable Speakers

No. 1: JBL | Clip 4

No. 2: Bose | SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

No. 3: Anker | Soundcore 3

No. 4: Ultimate Ears | Wonderboom 2

No. 5: JBL | Go 3

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